Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stage 1- Verdict on Foxy

I got the results of Foxy's checkup last week. First order of business--she has a raging infection somewhere, and it is different than her uterine infection (because those are not systemic and would not have shown up in the tests we did). We do not know where, and it really does not matter--first order of business is to knock that out with tribrissen. So she gets 10 pills a day twice a day. Fun times. At least that is easy to dose.

Next, she is anemic. This means she needs something to boost her up--so she is getting Visorbin. Evidently there is some controversy regarding whether anemia is really something that happens to horses, but that is his diagnosis, so we address it.

Next, she may have an ulcer, so we are going to give her ranitidine for that. Good times. But the way she gets after her food, I wonder just how bad an ulcer she can have if she does have one--since pain will normally put a horse off her feed. They may still eat hay, but grain is something that aggravates it. This one will not be stopped from eating her grain were you to shoot at her with a high powered rifle while she does it. Cannot hurt to give her the ranitidine though, so she will get that too.

And because she will be getting all this mess, she will also get some good probiotics for her tum tum. And salt, because it is not like she is not going through enough water to cause the water company to call me and ask me what in hell is going on over there. I am not sure I get that, but that is what he says, and every time I think the Doc is nuts, I get my comeuppance.

Since most of this stuff is not stocked at my house--there may be some ranitidine laying around unless I pitched it, and I always have tribrissen--Miss Fox will be receiving quite the package of good stuff in the mail soon. I am sure she will be thrilled.

I was running late this morning, so I did not feed her Senior bucket before work. I did not worry that this would be a problem as it would force her to eat on that 1600 pounds of alfalfa in her pen. Mostly she is so busy eating grain that she does not bother with her hay lately--and that is fine, since Senior is a complete feed. And she was getting after the hay tonight, because by the time I got to the farm at 8 pm tonight, she was head deep in it. I brought her in to her stall because it is supposed to rain tonight, and although there is a nice shelter in her pen, she is more likely to stand out in the mud to eat and waste calories sucking her feet up. It took me about two hours to fill all the water troughs and grain everyone (wherein I discovered in the dark that there are some uninvited guests--Gyro and Hawk- in the middle pasture where they do not belong and I am not pleased with that development at all). During that time, she put down about 10 pounds of Senior at least. I really would have thought she would let up by now but she is still eating like a mad woman. She had another 15-20 available to keep her busy. My money says she will have it gone by morning.

On another note, the doc is not at all ruling out Cushings. Linda is pretty sure that is what is going on, as evidently, their immune system goes to hell when they have it. I really hope not. So I am trying to pretend I cannot hear them. We are going to give this infection treatment a stab and see where that gets us, then do another check on her. I am starting to get excited about looking under her blanket on Thursday, as it seems her blankey may be getting a little snug--but I could be totally seeing things I want to see instead of what is there.

So there we are with her.

In other exciting news---today my sister procured the hot tickets for us--Brooks & Dunn at the Houston Livestock Show in March! Even better, it is over my bday and crispy critter weekend. Woo hoo! They are just about my favorite and we quit going to concerts when they started costing hundreds of bucks--plus this is their last tour. She got tix for her and Edward, me and BS. BS will be back working in St L by then, and may or may not be able to go, but we got him a ticket anyway just in case. I realize that is ridiculous, that I quit going because concerts got expensive, yet I will buy a $350 plane ticket to go to one. I would not except I have a $300 voucher to use from getting bumped on last year's Vegas girls' trip and it is about to expire.....I tried to book online tonight, but could not get it done. Hopefully I get that lined out tomorrow--


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oh, that just sounds like money! I certainly hope you see results soon. Why are horses so expensive to fix?

I hope you enjoy your concert. Just think- you don't go to many concerts so that you can save up to go to one really GOOD concert.

I LOVE taking road trips to go to concerts. It makes them really special!

Anonymous said...

I guess the "better safe than sorry" philosophy applies to Foxy's condition------she will need all the meds you can give her to get rid of this problem. The conclusion of this situation should be completed---hopefully.

And a birthday concert in March---! ! ! -All good things come to those who have birthdays in March!

Enjoy enjoy Carol

Holly said...

"the doc is not at all ruling out Cushings"

I wondered about that but figured that you are smarter than I am so did not mention it. Besides you have a tack sharp vet there and this is what he does so I thought he might see it too. The raging infection kinda scares me a little tho......did not realized immune systems go to hell with Cushings.

Have a blast at the concert!

Shelley said...

Brooks and Dun...my brother-in-law was writing a screen play for them. I think it was based on their lives or something.

Have fun.

Pony Girl said...

Glad to hear you have some reports on Foxy and can get her the meds and help she needs. Hopefully it is not Cushings, although I hear treating it is better these days.
Cool news about the concert. I thought they were broken up? Maybe that was some other duo. Should be a good show! I've never seen them.

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