Sunday, January 17, 2010

Parts of my weekend

This has been a weird weekend. Other than Friday evening, when I had sins and debauchery with Jenna and Jessica, I have been exceptionally well behaved. And for once, I was not completely over run with things to do....although now that I say that, it occurs to me that I should have fetched Vixen from the trainer where she has been waiting for the weather to break so she could come home. Crap. I better get on that.

Anyway, yesterday, the new hay came from Indiana. This is a new supplier that I am considering doing full time business with, should the children do well on this hay. He brought me huge bales about 1800 pounds of mostly alfalfa. It is not net-wrapped though, so the unloading of the two truckloads caused there to be much debris all over the front yard. I cannot stand the thought of wasting all that good hay, so I picked up what I could and chucked it into the pasture. Look how nice the children are playing while they share it! But there is definitely one in that mix that does not match.

That was my big activity yesterday--gutting Foxy's stall, dealing with hay, etc....and everything was much more difficult than was necessary because since things have thawed, it is a muddy pit over there. It is absolutely disgusting. It made me need a nap, which I do not think I got around to taking, but I did almost nothing else besides watch TV, read a book and hang out with the dogs. It was swell, but made me miss Barry, who is working hard in Houston still.

I made arrangements for the tractor to go to the shop tomorrow, so today, I had to deliver enough hay to each pasture to last a week while it is gone. I am kind of guessing since these bales are so much bigger than what we have been feeding, and since they are alfalfa and not bermuda, that will set off a feeding frenzy. My children are a little spoiled but have not had any alfalfa round bales all year, so I can imagine the excitement out there tonite. As I delivered the bales, they abandoned their Bermuda to eat what was blowing off the new bales as I drove. It was quite a spectacle. I took four bales the back, and put two in the middle--and moved some horses around so that Foxy can play in the pen with her own round bale and quit pissing up my stall. The mud was so thick that it really bogged down the tractor even in 4-wheel drive. It also blew mud all over me, which I did not notice until I was at the gym, with chunks of mud in my hair. I am such a lady.

On one of my trips home, I found that Peeg had gotten into another mess with a bag. If he was not such a kleptomaniac, I do not think this would happen so often. Cracks me up though---you would think he would teach his cat to get it off of there, but so far that has not happened.
In between all that hay moving, and errand running, I went to the gym TWO TIMES. I found a new feature on my heart rate watch that calculates calories burned based on my weight and my heart rate--according to it, I burned almost 500 calories in 40 minutes on the treadmill the first time I went. Woo hoo! That seems high, but I will take it. The second time, I did not stay quite as long--30 minutes and 250 calories--but I did not run at all the second time, so maybe that was why. I was so proud of me, though. Now we are resting, and Simba looks so cute laying on her pillow in front of the television, I had to take a picture of her. Of course the flash woke her up and she had to start her nap all over again, but it was worth it to get a cute picture of her resting. I hate to admit this, but we are bored. We have watched all the Jersey Shores we have missed, been to WalMart and the Bath and Body Works sale where I got carried away on lotions and shower gels, but will surely smell good soon, and have started two new books. We are still bored. This is so unlike us. We are easily entertained by TV and the internet and thinking about laundry, but it is just not working for us today. And we have tomorrow off, so I have a whole nother day of being bored.
I know I have posted pics like this before, of my neighbors catch pen and loading chute, but honestly, my options of photo material are limited when I am watering the boys here at the house. This is how bored I am--take the same pictures, and post them again.

I need some entertainment, or I will be forced to put up the laundry and maybe throw away some stuff. I hope it does not come to that


Jocelyn said...

IT never ends around your house does it? Same here...

It's alway ssomething going on that needs out immediate attention.

Congrats on going to the gym !

Gail said...

Work, work but I am never bored. I always have something I want to do and never seem to find the time.

Great sounding hay.

Holly said...

I am never bored.

I am very good at entertaining myself.

Books to read, naps to take, stalls to clean, horses to THAT is an idea for you...go ride a pony or 2!

Anonymous said...

according to the dictionary----a bored person is one who is tired or uninterested by being dull and tedious. NOT YOU

You must be telling us stories, as you are not DULL OR TEDIOUS.

Just your imagination----and being "bored" is not in my vocabulary as I had to "look it up"

So get with it- - - - -
Enjoy the day in "sheer boredom"

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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