Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Rebound--Week One Update

I am one dedicated sister. I did these photos in the rain today. That is how dedicated I am to documenting this little project. Also, I snuck a little peek yesterday and got so excited, it would have taken more than a little drizzle to keep me from doing this.
So am I imagining this, or is there a marked weight gain? She has a blanket rub on her shoulder--so I gave her a new one that hits her in a different place. To me, it looks like her hop bones are not protruding nearly as much. But the most significant difference to me is in her top line--it is still sticking up, but it does not look to me like there is a three inch drop off her spine like there was a week ago.
I took these shots in the stall with flash because I did not think the outside shots were showing much detail. This shot above shows the worst part of her spine sticking up.
Since I had a butt shot last week, I took another one. Since I was in the stall though, with my big lens, there was not much butt in the shot. Still though, I think it shows that she has gained quite a bit. I also see it in her thighs, from the side---not as much from the rear, but there may be some gain there. I think that might be the last place she will gain.

But I am really believing now that we are going to beat this. And it has only taken 200 or so pounds of senior in one week---Good Lord, almighty, I did not even believe a horse could eat that much!

Am I crazy? Or is there a big difference from the pics I posted on Saturday--but took a week ago tonight?


hooves said...

Yes, you are crazy. However, Foxy does look quite a bit better. Just kidding of course. hooves

Lori said...

I see a huge improvement in her belly, flanks, and even some up towards her top line. Great improvement in such little time. Keep up the good work!!

Jocelyn said...

i see improvement esp in the hips.

Pony Girl said...

I think she looks better, too! Great news.
200 lbs of senior feed, goodness. You might want to buy stock in the company! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are crazy with a dedication for your animals---and that is a GOOD THING.

Horse Student: even thinks Foxy looks good in those "important places" that you know about and I am learning about.

Enjoy Carol

Nancy said...

Yes, the improvement can be seen in her topline and actually her butt shot (mostly tailhead) looks better to me. Paige, have you heard of Omolene University ( You can take some of their mini courses (15-30 minutes for all) and then take a short quiz to qualify for some great money saving coupons. In addition, you earn point which will give you an opportunity to earn more coupons (you have to pay like 6.49 in shipping) but I earned enough points for 170.00 in coupons! Not to mention the rebates! If you are going to keep her on Sr. this could help lower your OOP a bit more - just thought I would mention it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing difference.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

yes, I can see a definite difference!

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