Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny things that have happened already this year

Today, we watched Sly through the window as he seemed to be asleep under a tree in the pasture--but then stood up on his hind legs and pawed the air, only to plant his feet again and go back to sleep. It was very odd. I got dressed and went out to see what was wrong--he appeared to have some baling twine around his head.

When I got there, he ran from me. In 9 years of owning him, he has never even considered running from me. He loves me like the wind. I could see he had a long string of baling twine around his neck, and was dragging it behind him. When he would step on it, it would hurt so he would boing up into the air again. He did not even want me to touch him, and definitely not the twine. It was quite a conundrum.

I followed him most of the way to the barn, and was grateful to have my handy dandy knife in my pocket. I started cutting the parts of the twine he would let me touch, and finally worked up to his neck--he was calm by then thank God. Poor fool was a mess. He is doing much better now.

When it was off, I went to check their water, which was of course frozen. I knew the tank heater in that tank had an issue so I had intended to buy a new one, I just had not yet. I have been able to stay ahead of it by cracking the water a lot, but since last night, all 100 gallons had frozen solid. I decided to throw the heater in there to get a jump on it--get it thawed at least a little. I was watching it really closely and it seemed fine, but as soon as I turned my back to go to TSC to buy a new one, Barry started pointing and hollering. We had a damn fire in the water trough. Who knew you could have fire on ice? Take my word for it, you can.

Off we went to TSC to get new tank heaters and for me to finally break down and buy some Carhartts. Yes, its true, I have been feeding in the winter for 10 years with no Carharrts. I felt like a tool trying them on at TSC--I had to get men's since they only had about 4 pairs of womens ones. That led to a discussing of what size waist I would be if I were a man. I had no idea, so Barry just kept pulling them out to have me try on. I fel like a little kid. Suffice it to say, my waist and length size is appalling for someone who has been working out so hard. But then again, it is a hell of a lot less than last year. We make fun of my dad's pants size (40 x 29), and I will admit I am not a hell of a lot better off. I am happy to have my new green Carhartt get up, even if I do look like a landscaper according to Barry--which even he admits is better than looking like a turd, which I would have had they had brown ones for me. I just do not want to get mine mixed up with his, so I needed some other color than black.

We also got a new battery charger, as Dad's 40 plus year old ones are just not cutting the mustard anymore. The clamps fell off the big one--just rotted straight through--and the little one I just borrowed is just not strong enough. I have not had it long but he has already pointed out that he has had it 40 years and it was fine, until I borrowed it--now the guage is broke. He does not see that it might be its age that is the the problem. Also, if it cannot be outside to charge something, it is not that damn useful is it? The Gator battery, which is new, is dead outside- because I just almost never drive the Gator in the house, so that it could die there. What am I thinking?

It has been nice having Barry home since Thursday nite---Sunday nite makes a big difference. When he was working in Chicago, he could not stay on Sunday nite. We have seen some movies, shopped a little, eaten out with friends, and got some farm work done. We were unable to scrape the contaminated manure from the baby pen though because it is flat frozen to the ground. I guess that will have to wait until it thaws--which we hear will not be for at least a week. I had blocked off that area though so that no one could get near it. So far, I have seen no signs of illness in anyone else. The two yearlings who have been in to be fattened up have done it, so they will be allowed out on pasture tomorrow. I have the most absurdly busy week this week, but I hope to be able to turn the other babies out on Wednesday afternoon--which may be the only time I get to myself all week. I know they don't like being stalled, and who can blame them?

The other big news is that my computer keyboard has been replaced without me sending my computer in. HALLELUJAH! Michelle told me at Christmas that I could order one from ebay and put it in myself--no need to ship computer off at all. Barry just replaced it tonight so I am back to being a borderline normal person--it was not convenient to have an external keyboard hooked up to it, but that is sure what I was doing. What a doofus.

That is pretty much all I have to say---I need my interesting life back. It gives me way more to write about--I realize these things are not that interesting. Its all I've got though, so bear with me


City girl turned Country Girl said...

WOW that is a great thing that you figured out what was going on with Sly!! Glad you had a good weekend!! Hopefully things will be a bit calmer this year, right?!?! We can always hope for the best LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog and stories---not interesting? ? ? You must be having a brain cramp! My coffee at 5:45 am is not the same without the chuckles, sadness, laughter smiles that you send via your chatter.

Sad things for me----your Rams and my Bears and coaches need an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. But my Bulls basketball have won 4 games in a row---and read Lorna's facebook on her hawks. Smile! ! ! now Can baseball be coming soon---but - - -

Have De-Christmased the house and it looks dreary and drab-----but chuckle now as I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoy and yes it will be cold all week----Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow, three days in to the new year and it sounds like a very busy time you've been having.

Poor Sly, it's a good thing you checked on him.

3 Men and a Lady said...

Crazy year so far! Fire on ice, interesting concept. I wish you'd taken a picture of that.

Jocelyn said...

well well you FINALLY got the keyboard sitch-e a shun taken care of!

TSC must love to see you two coming, it's how they give out Christmas bonuses every year.

Michelle said...

Fire on ice, wow! That's an interesting start to the new year.... Sounds like things are entertaining, if nothing else!

hooves said...

Do you realize how funny it is that you thought you needed a different color of carhartts than Barry has? For heaven's sake, he is about 3 ft. taller than you. Glad you have gotten with the program though. hooves

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