Monday, December 21, 2009

How I once embarrassed myself and no one noticed

How come it is that some days, I can have 13 things running through my brain and manage to handle them all but other days I can wake up and not even know what day it is? Today has been one of those days where I was pretty much on the ball.

I was up early to pick up the Amish to run one section of fence near the road. There was an complication, so no Amish--but I got to work early. I was on the ball writing a PLA, then a reply brief, and starting another one. I ran errands with Rita at lunch, bought some books at our going out of business book store, including the true crime story of a case I just finished helping with this summer. It is always interesting to read those and see how close they are to what I know about it--usually not very, for the record. After that, I edited some stuff, and thought some stuff, and fixed some stuff, and worked an extra hour. I even went to the gym for the first time since I got the plague--I did about 50 minutes of a spinning class and did not have a coughing fit, so I am mostly well. Hallelujah!

After all that, I watered, took care of Twister, who is doing pretty well but still on h ouse arrest, watered some more, fed some ponies, panicked about how fast we are going through round bales, watered some more and was home by 7:45. As far as I know, I did not screw up a single thing all day. That makes this a banner day.

One interesting thing happened this afternoon. I have a hot potato case right now that involves a whole bunch of agencies and other attorneys. There are co-defendants who have not yet gone to trial, while obviously, my portion of it is already on appeal. There have been rumblings from the Attorney General's office about taking stuff out of my record to help convict the co-defendant. I do not care about the co-defendant and I need this stuff, and I do not like being bullied, which is essentially what has been going on. To top it off, the Assistant AG on the matter is a tool I went to law school with and have had a run in with since I got out. It has been at least ten years or so, and I recall the run-in because he hollered at me on the phone so much that I stammered and acted like a freaking idiot who did not know what she was talking about and I was ashamed of myself for being cowed like that.

That has made this little game fun. I remember it well, but the intermediary thinks AG does not remember me. Hmph says me. The nerve of him. Here I am having been embarrassed all these years and he has no idea who I am. It will all come back to him though I bet and we will see who is embarrassed then.

In any event, he calls me today and played so nice, I did not know how to act. He wants something from me so it is good he is behaving, and of course, I will be a professional about it, but it was kind of funny for him to pander so much. He even asked why he was supposed to know me, and I told him we went to school together. He asked me if he was an asshole then too--and what do you think I said? Yep, I said he was. Then I cracked up.

Isn't it interesting how one event can mean so much to one person and the other party not even remember it? It was not even so much about his behavior, which was a little hot and inappropriate, but more about my reaction and how disgusted I was with myself. I will be damned if I act that way tomorrow, when he comes to see me and brings his investigator with him. I have to psyche myself up to act like a big girl and not the complete fraud I feel like.

I better go to bed early so I can be on the ball again tomorrow--stringing two good days together will be a feat.


3 Men and a Lady said...

That is so true. I've had many moments like that where I thought it was something big but the other people didn't. And it always shocks me when I figure that out.

Good luck! Be tough tomorrow!

EmmaP said...

recently someone made me cry. well - i allowed them too. which royally ticked me off after the fact. I bet it flt goodto call him an ass! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

It's Christmas and remembering the Christmas Carol----the past, present and the future will be that "guy's" holiday treat in seeing you and recalling the "old days"

Good luck-----and WOW---on the way to a record of TWO good days in a row.
Enjoy Carol

Michelle said...

I do this all the time - hold onto something that the other person has forgotten about ages ago. For what it's worth though, I think that just speaks to his character. He's obviously used to being an ass and so it has no impact on him, while you obviously have much greater moral character. Hope you shred him!

Linda said...

I can so relate to having 'it' or not having 'it'. Somedays I'm all put together & on top of my game and the next I can't think myself out of a closet. Two good days together? Whew, miracle! Good luck!

phaedra96 said...

So he knows he is a jerk and likes it. How very sad. For him. Good to know Twist is moving right along. Goo boy.

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