Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Situation Desperate

I have lost the remote control. We are down to only one that works the satellite receivers because I washed one of them and now the remaining one has walked off. I swear it was here last nite and I know I went to bed without taking it to the bedroom because I was finishing a good book.

If pig could get in this house, I would think he had it--he has started taking my new saddle pads that are waiting in the garage. I was covering up some of Barry's Christmas presents with some of them, and I noticed the other day that I could see presents out in the open. Not good. I had no idea what was going on until I noticed that pig had one in his pile of bedding. Damn pig. I thought it was funny when he took Barry's tent to his pile and used an empty shavings bag for a bedspread, but this is going too far.

Anyway--back to the remote--This loss caused me to have to stand there in front of the big TV and push buttons forever until I found The Bad Girls Club--which is an excellent show by the way. I love me some crazy bitches. However, I am terribly concerned that I might be missing some other smut, but I guess I will not know since I cannot find the channel guide thing on the TV. I will probably end up watching this episode twice because it is too hard to get up and change the channel.

If it is not one thing it is another.

Today, I had the meeting with the tool. He was a half hour late and he brought with him some state cops and a CSI dude. Unfortunately, he also brought one of my favorite attorneys in the world with him--that was probably to keep me from being hateful. And damned if it did not work. It looked like the cavalry coming in to my office though, which was probably the point--scare me a little bit. Did not work, and I am proud of me for acting like an adult. I did not give in on anything that I did not intend to. At the end, I even told him he was not nearly the asshole I had anticipated he would be--but I am still sure he does not at all remember our last run-in. He does now remember me from school at least. It is the rare person who forgets me after meeting me--it is not like you can mix me up with someone else. It really threw me.

In any event, that is over.

I am now in my panic to get all of Barry's Christmas done. I feel like I have not really gotten started yet. Nothing really meaningful has been purchased and there were a few things he asked for that I just cannot find in my podunk town. Some things have not been delivered yet, but I am sure they will be. I just don't feel like there is anything special this year. But getting to stay home by ourselves for actual Christmas day will be nice, and because his work has him running all over the country this week, but is closing the warehouse where he is on Christmas Eve, he is taking a vacation day for Thursday--that means he will be home tomorrow nite. It is Big game nite for us--Illinois vs Mizzou Basketball game. If tix don't come through at the last minute, we will watch it at home ourselves, and that will be swell.


Jocelyn said...

losing the remote SUCKS A$$, big time.

The Peeg doesnt have akey to the house? That surprises me.

Glad to hear BS gets to come home and spend some quality time with you for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

I would die if I lost our remote. I hope you find it ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Houston! We have a problem! Send down, over a REMOTE please.

Or maybe Barry instead, tickets to game, and other good stuff instead.

Enjoy enjoy carol

Michelle said...

I got a good chuckle out of your remote story! Can't count how many times I've stood in front of the TV pushing buttons and cursing about all the goodness I'm missing! At least I'm not alone....
Hope you have a great holiday and time well spent with loved ones!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

losing the remote IS a catastrophe, isn't it? Hopefully it'll turn up soon.

Jodi said...

Did you look in the freezer? LOL

I am glad Barry is making it home soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Isn't it awful. I don't even know how to run the tv without the remote. lol

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