Friday, December 18, 2009

Twist Update

So far so good. He got nothing to eat until after work because it took me that long to procure some hay. Well to procure it, then have an asthma attack from wrestling it, and then to finally feed it to him.

When I got to the barn, he was out of his stall. This should surprise no one. That is just how Twist is. He had managed to knock a fan down and poop on it, knock over a trash can and poop on it, play with the shavings bag and poop on it--you get the picture. He was very perky, suffice it to say.

I gave him his shot, although I am not convinced he really needed it, and put his hay in his feeder and watched him eat for a while. He did good, and seemed to have no troubles at all. I only gave him about 7-10 pounds because I wanted him to pace himself. It has been five hours and he just got some more. Maybe that will make him go back in his stall and stay there. Silly boy

Let's hope these are good signs that hold out for a while


Anonymous said...

Good news! and hope Twist and you guys all have an "ordinary weekend" filled with the Spirit of Christmas.

Enjoy Carol

Gail said...


Linda said...

Oh crap! LOL! Sorry that was the first thing I thought of:) So glad Twist is feeling better.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Twist. Heaven forbid you have a dull holiday season! ;)

Carrie said...

Glad to hear he is doing better. Fingers crossed for continued good health for everyone at your farm.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm so glad he's doing better! He's a beauty and he has such cute little ears!!

amyblady said...

Glad to hear he is doing well. He is a good boy, even if he did mess up his stall.

Michelle said...

Hope things continue in the same vein! Glad to hear he's feeling a bit better!

Jodi said...

How is he doing?

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