Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two steps back

I was so excited for tonight to give Tango her last shot and call her a healthy, cured of cellulitis, filly.


She is swelled up again tonight. It has been two or three days since there has been swelling, but I still should not be this upset. I know cellulitis is serious, and I know we have been at this for three weeks, and tried three different antibiotics...but surely we will get it taken care of eventually. But damn it, I am frustrated.

She is getting better about taking her shots like a nice girl, which is pretty impressive, since she gets two hits a nite. Who would get nice about that? She is handling it all right though.

I have to call the vet tomorrow to tell him to scratch my story of yesterday, telling him that I thought we had it beat. I need yet another antibiotic.

My concern is that the next option is likely Baytril--which has to be given IV. I cannot hit a vein reliably unless it is in some saint like Playmate or Twister (yeah, I realized I just called those two demons saints--that is how out of kilter I am). Unfortunatly the vet does not have facilities for me to just leave her there and let him do it either. I sure hope he has another suggestion, or I do not know what I will have to do to make this work. Whatever it is though, we will get through it.

I just feel like wallowing tonight, I guess.

Which is a shame, as I got cute new hair today, have had a couple good days of eating so I feel better, and am cooking up some steak for my dinner tonight. I even saved up carbs to I can make a twice baked potato--something I have never done before. This could be interesting.

If anyone has any great stories of how you cured cellulitis over nite, this would be a good time to share that wisdom!


Holly said...

no stories, never had to deal with it before.

Poor Paige and Poor Tango. You two will sure get to be buddies huh?

I wish I had your will power for losing weight....I need to drop about 30#.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Gosh I sure wish I could help you with that but that's not one that I've ever dealt with! And I hope I never do from the nightmare it's caused you!! I hope you love your new hair and got some good rest!! I know you will tell us but I will be ready to hear what the Doc has to say now...

Anonymous said...

Horse Student has no advice. Still in the pre-horse school and learning stage.

Sorry Carol

Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick lost 25 pounds one summer before I had to go back to the classroom. It was for cholesterol purposes but the weight just was an added benefit. I went on the Heart Association diet and don't get me wrong it was blood sweat and tears, but I was bound and determine not to take the drugs that mess with your liver.

Two and a half months of yoga, lots of walking, swimming and prayer I did what the doctors told me I couldn't( what the heck do they know anyway?). That was five years ago and it's still working even though I've retired to our working farm, the Ponderosa.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!! So glad I popped in. :o)

Doc said...

Hope she heals up soon!

Shelley said...

Wish I was closer. I'm not to shabby at IV shots.

Jodi said...

Can he come out and put a pic line in for you?

Carrie said...

I would be happy at only fighting it for 3 weeks. I am on week 7. But like we have discussed - my Canadian vets definately don't seem to know as much as yours do. So here we both sit - frustrated, anxious and feeling a little helpless.


And good job on the eating right. I have to get back on that band wagon.

Anonymous said...

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