Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daisy needs a name

Part of the big project list today was weaning the last two foals, Daisy and Bubbles. Because of everything else that had to be done, only Daisy got her pictures done to submit her registration. But she needs her name first.

So that is where you all come in. Dad is Slydun Haida of course (Haidas Sugar Doc x Double Play Sandy) and her dam is Midnights Hasty Jane ("Snap"). Her sire is Midnight Haidaway by Haidas Little Pep. Her dam is SR Hasty Jane by Docs Hickory

Bring on the suggestions---I have a couple of weeks to get this in, but if I do not do it soon, I will forget about it and run late.

In addition to weaning these babies, I dewormed a bunch, moved a bunch around, and gave the last of the shots to Bijou. I Fixed a section of divider fence that the horses promptly tore back down- repeatedly. I gave PK1 shots to the very few pregnant mares, overflowed two water troughs, cleaned stalls, bought shavings, doctored Tango, and then pulled cockle burrs out of manes for almost two hours.

It feels good to have gotten so much done, even if I ache, and my fingers are torn up from cockleburrs. I slept fifteen hours last nite, and feel like I could do it again. I cant wait til tomorrow to play with the horses again. This 60 degree Novemeber weather cannot last forever


hooves said...

Slydun Past Midnight or Hasty Haida

Gail said...

Slyduns Sugar Snap...Sugar

Jane's Dunplayin

Hasty Slydun Daisy...Daisy

Holly said...

I *hate* burrs. Hatehatehate them.

No good with naming....can't help you there! Sorry. She sure is a cutie tho and I LOVE her mamma.

MicBel QH said...

Midnight Slyde

Holly said...

I got one (thanks to Gail),

Syduns Sugar Shack....didn't you always want to use Sugar Shack in a name?

or Hiadas Sugar Shack

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OHH I too hat cockle burrs!!! I always wear leather gloves to spare my hands!

Ok so on names I have come up with is....Hasty Midnight Haida, Slyduns Hasty Daisy, Slydun Haida Midnight Jane, Slydun Haida Jane, Midnights Hasty Slydun

OK OK I could keep going but I will stop LOL!

Anonymous said...

How about Sugar Jane, Snappy Sugar, Sly but Snappy?

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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