Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big changes up in here

And this time I am not talking about my moodiness.

Barry may be moving to St Louis, from Chicago. That will put him an hour and a half from home instead of five hours! It won't be for long--three to six months--but I will take it. We are having so much fun looking for apartments online. He is comfortable enough in St Louis to live somewhere fun, like Soulard, or the Central West End... that will be totally different than anything he has ever done before.

He may be moved as early as the end of December. He is going to be the project manager on the new project there, and I think he is excited to show his company how things should be done. He has so much more experience than most people they have working for them.

And how nice that I can see him more often-- we can have dinner together, or if something goes berserk here, he can be here pretty quickly



mommymae said...

his is thrilling, paige! i'm so happy for the both of you.

Holly said...

that has to be a happy event.

3 Men and a Lady said...

That's great! I don't see how you do it with him so far away.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

AWESOME!!! An hour and a half is no time at all!! My Hubby drives an hour just to get to work everyday LOL!! That will be so great for you guys!

Heather said...

YAY indeed! Great news! Can we hope the project goes even longer so he can stay in St. Louis longer? :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! A great Thanksgiving gift in life. Closer to home---and Barry having a chance to "show his stuff" for the future.

Irritation yesterday---smiling today.

Enjoy but I am still MADDER THAN HELL


Anonymous said...

Good for both of you! That should make TG a happier holiday.


Nancy said...

Great news for you both! I know how hard it is to be in that type of a working situation.

Amy said...

Great news!!! So happy for you guys! :)

Shelley said...

That is great news. What a cool Christmas present.

Gail said...

This is super fantastic!

Midwest Mommy said...

That's awesome!

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