Monday, November 16, 2009

Things that irritate me

As you know, that is pretty much everything. But TODAY the thing that pretty much irritates me the most is that I went to spinning and considered taking an aerobics class afterward. But since my doc had called in some Celebrex for my elbow to the WalMart pharmacy and I did not know how long they were open, I did the responsible thing and went to WalMart.

That is when it all went to hell. It is way too big of a project to go all the way out there, but to get there and find out that the doc had FAILED to call in my scrip really pissed me off. I almost never take a pain killer, but I tried this at his suggestion, to get the inflammation down and potentially save me from having tendon surgery, and it is really workin. Except not when they will not give it to me.

In an effort to see if it is worth it to drive out there, as opposed to having it called in to another closer pharmacy, I asked how much it was. $132 for 30 pills. WTF? Is that with my insurance, I ask? Yes, since your insurance does not cover it. Almost no insurance covers it. Are you freaking kidding me? Why have insurance if it does not cover what I need? I will be damned if I will pay $132 a month for this stuff on top of my five thyroid pills, etc. Oh hell no.

I guess they would rather pay for surgery.

It infuriates me that my doc does not get to decide what I take-- the insurance company does. What a load of crap.

And of course, I spent $50 on food and still forgot the low carb bread.

Then I went to Lowe's, where I spent an hour being talked out of the flooring I went to order. The dude convinced me to go with a solid hardwood rather than the engineered I wanted. He sent me home with a sample, and I think it will work just fine and it is way better than what I wanted to use. However, I do not really like the whole attitude of the worker telling me that what I wanted sucked---but I guess that is another battle I will not win.

I did not get home until 8:30. When I tried to carry in pig's food, I dropped it on the floor and the bag broke. You can imagine how pig liked that. I had to sweep up most of it and pack it in something else, but it still left too much for him. When I went out there just now, he was asleep and a cat was eating his food for him.

I better go to bed before I get irritated by something else


Holly said...

rant on Sister, rant on!

Anonymous said...

Am home now got to read your sunday blog-----looking good!!!!

THINGS that irritate you--------MONUMENTAL THINGS that irritate me-----

The SAME IDEA of people TELLING you what you can and cannot do----and getting worse.

Will not ENJOY

Jocelyn said...

Vent away my friend. All those tings would irritate me too!

Nancy said...

Actually, your insurance will cover the Celebrex, ONLY after you have, I believe, gone through two other types of nsaid's. I was also on Celebrex and when we transferred to a new Health care they denied my script and advised that I had to try Naproxyn and another type if those did not work - then they would cover it at the Schedule C price which was the higher price. I found that 800mg of Ibuprofin 3x per day helped but it does have the potential to upset the stomach. I know it is irritating but I would press harder with your insurance company to see if it is convered on contingency of other drugs failing to help.

Gail said...

A shared load is always lighter.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh MY GOSH, insurance companies SUCK!!! That is definitely ridiculous!! You sure did have a crappy night, I hope you got some well deserved rest!!

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