Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good way to end the season

Gyro got to go on the last ride of the season at Sam Dale State Park today--partly because she offered and partly because the big trailer is at the dealership for repairs, and it took most of the tack with it. She is not at all fussy about her equipment, so she was the easiest . It was nice-Madison has had her most of the year, so I have not gotten to ride her and I miss it for sure.

It was about 65 degrees and pretty sunny for most of the trip--look how green the grass still is. We do not see this weather in November in this area very often.
Linda brought Dirty for her ride. He seemed to wonder why he had to come.

We were not the only ones taking advantage of the weather--we ran into a lot of groups out there. Check out that teeny pony--Linda offered to buy him right out from under that poor child.

Gyro was embarrassed at her lack of concho--it has been missing for years. But it was one of the few headstalls in the old trailer, so she had no option.

This was another stranger horse we happened across. He was pitch black--I love black horses
The black horse had friends. This butt shot cracks me up.

This is Bella, the bitty mule, that belongs to some other people we know. She is darling
I love old barns. I wish the color in this shot was better, but nothing to be done about that now.
Gyro was beside herself to be released in a big patch of grass when we were done riding. She was a good girl, so she deserved a little snack. She was not quite herself today for some reason.

Because the coloring was off in the woods, I took some random artsy fartsy pics. That is so not my forte

It was a nice day. This park closes tomorrow for the season, so the rest of our winter riding will have to be elsewhere.


Linda said...

What a great day for a ride. BTW I love your artsy fartsy shots!

Jocelyn said...

I liked the artsy fartsy stuff!

I like black horses too.. Esp when they are all fit and shiny..

That teeny pony was so cute ! What a little trooper to be out with the big kids.

joansy said...

What beautiful fall pictures! I love them!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Awesome ride!!! I'm glad you got one in before the park closes for the season!! I love black horses too!! I have some, want em LOL!!

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