Monday, November 30, 2009

FInally grown up and random thoughts

The other day, when I had horses all over hell and gone, I ended up with Hotrod and Target together in one place. Hotrod is the mother of Target, who was part of Sly's first real foal crop--the batch we kept all of to see how they would turn out. For the first time, I not only see how much he has grown up, but how much he looks like her.

Aint that something? So much alike.

In addition to this random thing I was thinking, I have thought up some other irritating things today.

First, why in the hell do I watch Million Dollar Listing? I cannot stand two of the three real estate agents. I would like to hit Josh square in his face and then mess up Chad's hair. They both piss me off. Madison is the only one I like and he cannot decide who he wants to sleep with.

Second--Madison quit again today--until February, or so her note says. I can hardly begrudge her that--she wants to do Scholar Bowl. She always gets sick of it when it gets cold--hell who doesnt? I sure do. Tonight I timed myself--7:16 til 7:52--everyone fed, every water trough filled, ten stalled horses had their stalls cleaned. I even moved a round bale with the tractor, and figured out a solution to a jacked up corral panel. Not so bad. I am a multitasking son of a gun. I can swing 45 minutes a day out of my life to take care of my own damn animals. I will miss Mad though and I always worry when she does this--was she afraid to tell me? Is that why she did not come over all weekend, even to see Barry? I hope not.

Third--this puts a damper on my weekend plans. I was either going to go to Chicago to see Barry or to OKC to the NRHA finals, to meet a friend. To do this, I was going to have to bail on dinner with Jodi and Jackie in the metro east--which is bad bad bad even though they knew that could happen when we made the plans. I am thinking Mad quitting on me could be a sign that I have no business pissing off money going all over when I am spending four days at the cutting futuiry in Fort Worth next weekend. Also, surely I will need a nap. Forth Worth is always a notoriously expensive weekend. It is very stressful to see these potentially imaginary signs every where I go...makes me wonder if they are really signs or I am nuts. No wonder I have migraines.

Fourth--I totally forgot to buy dog food again. I had to feed them hot dogs. Mark that as reason sixteen why I cannot have real kids--I would forget to get their food. I have been suitably punished though as I spent a good part of the evening thinking about twice baked potatoes and cannot find the stinking potatoes!

Fifth--I have not been to the gym in a week until tonight. I so needed it--I have felt like a slug--not sleeping well, not feeling right at all. When I am blah like that, I tend to eat eat eat in an effort to make myself sick, I think--so I will feel SOMETHING. I totally need a shrink. Anyway, I took a book and enjoyed reading it and not falling off the bike for almost an hour--and then I guess I left it there. Of course I did--I was really enjoying the book and would have liked to have finished it tonight. Crap.

Sixth--I have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the Amish joint to see if they are coming to do fence. I so hope so, I need to get these horses out of the pens and back into the pastures. While there, I learned that they have had to eat that roided up rooster I liked so much. Evidently he was raising all kinds of hell when the girls went in to get eggs, so off with his head! I am oddly saddened by this.

Seventh--peeg has a new friend. And I even like himn--Charlie the cat. I hate an adult cat and I love this dude. It is like I am operating with a head injury all these weird things I am doing.

Eighth--and this is a big one even though the whole rest of my world already knows it--I have had to go to the three-hook bra. You know, .like big knockered women and grandmas wear. I am neither of these things, yet there they are--three hooks in a row. This is worse than when I realized that cute underwear needed to be a thing of the past for me.

That is enough rambling about not much for one nite--if I keep this up, I will be up too late and not get to early morning festivities I am planning.


Anonymous said...

Embrace the 3hooked bras! They usually have more comfy straps, too. There ARE cute ones out there, not as many, but there are some.

And I am like Madison. I HATE to quit a job. Always have. I worry that they will take it personally, even though I know it's nothing personal. It feels like breaking up. AWKWARD.

Anonymous said...

Random answers-----those horses look beautiful and Madison is a hard worker---no matter what she does---(I think) For you, family, school etc.

There are always bumps in the road---just ---go over them----bounce into them---avoid them----and keep going.

Barry-----trips------Amish----will come together when you least expect the results

And Peeg and Charlie----how cute----funny friends make best friends

Need a picture when you have time

and finally Enjoy Carol

Michelle said...

Ha ha! I love the three hook bra thing. Sister, I had to give up on cute underwear ages ago and have LONG since passed the point where going UP a bra size is exciting. Guess I fit into the big knockered women category - it sure isn't all it's cracked up to be, for sure!! Lol!

Jocelyn said...

I have three hook bras AND cute underwear. :)

Good For Mad that she wants to do Scholar Bowl, but she could have said something in person.
I always had a hard time with that as a young person too.

I wish we were still going to OKC this week. we are SO GOING next year. YOU < ME< VISA and some margaritas to celebrate our shopping victories.

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