Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This and That

I am so boring. But a lot of things have been going on around here--mostly little stuff, but stuff all the same.

For example, Madison finally beat the hay spear on the tractor into submission, so that we could put the bucket on and move the rock for the weaner castle. We did that Tuesday nite. It really grates on me when I cannot do something I want to do, so that is a big relief. I still have about four tons of rock sitting in the middle of the driveway, which will start driving me crazy, but for now, I am content.

The farrier was there Tuesday, and pronounced Fonzie free of any changes in his feet from his laminitic episode. Looks like we may have caught it in time to avoid any damage, although it is a little early to be sure we can call him good. I did let him go in with the babies to play, since he has been locked up so long. I may regret that and change him to another holding area soon--he is either getting beat up on or picking on someone else half the time I look.

Five others got trimmed too--including Harley who will be going to training next. She is Gyro's two year old--her last foal. She is in a funky growth spurt, but is 14'3" at the hip and plenty stocky. She did great for her trim and cockleburr removal, and her vaccines.

Target got trimmed too--his feet are a disaster. No matter what we do, they are a mess. Makes me nuts.

While the farrier was there, he helped me deal with Bijou who drives me crazy. She needed haltered and let out of the stall where she has been since weaning. Melody's babies are a pain in the ass, but when they come around, they really come around. She will be great eventually--if I let her live that long. I suspect she will be fine in the baby pen. I hope. Since it will be hard for me to fix if she is not, that is. On that note, China scratched her eyeball somehow--so she is being doctored for that. She is behaving wonderfully for it--always coming right to me to offer to have her eyeball goobered up. I like that.

Speaking of Mel's babies--Hammer was unwilling to load in a timely fashion on Sunday, so he is reacquainting himself with the inside of a trailer. We built a pen for him that is attached to the gray trailer--and he is fed inside of it. If he wants to eat, he has to go in the trailer. Tuesday morning, I checked on him while it was pouring rain--he was standing outside looking pathetic. By the time I got home Tuesday evening, he was happy as a clam standing inside the trailer like he was ready to roll. He stayed there a long time. I was at the farm probably three hours and he was in and out like clockwork. I love that trailer trick--it worked WONDERS on his brother Mojo.

This is what he looked like after our little tool around the farm Monday nite--before he realized this trailer was getting ready to be his world. He looks so innocent, doesn't he? I love this little bugger. Even when he looks a little swishy from standing like that.

Hammer has clearly loaded reasonably well for the rest of his life, but has recently decided he would rather not. This should snap it in the bud, as I want him to go with me camping this weekend. Since Barry won't be here to drive the horse trailer, and I am not about to attempt to get the Mack Daddy trailer in and out of the drive--we will load in the road outside the farm...not the place to have words with the Ham. Let's hope this works to make things as easy as they were for Mojo.

What else do I have? Ah--I thought Boce moved his kitties, but he has not. They are living in the black hole that is my garage. Mama came to me and acted sweet so I gave her a can of kitty food I had bought for the previous kitties. She shared it with her babies, who are laying on my favorite yellow blanket. I wondered where that was. Boce was very nice to not interfere in their dinner, even though his nose was twitching like crazy trying to figure out what their food was. He visited the babies and was very protective of them.

The last info of note is that I finally gave in and had my elbow xrayed. I could see a crack in it, but have no idea what the doc is going to do about it. My bet is nothing. I expect I will hear from him tomorrow. All I want is that shot that makes it stop hurting.

That is about all I have to offer up--nothing of great significance. It is getting ready to get exciting around here though, over the next few put on your seatbelts and get ready!


Jocelyn said...

I sure would like it if I got one of your ponies for Christmas. :)

I also agree on the name thing, nothing is more misleading than those jerk offs that name their babies, CHOCOLATE LATTE CHIP, when ZCC is like 5 lines back.
OR... like LOTTAPEPTO, when PB is waaaay back four lines ago.

bugs me big time.

Holly said...

"Melody's babies are a pain in the ass, but when they come around, they really come around."

Say WHAT?!

*looks around with indignity*

Mojo is a good boy and he's a Mel Baby.

well maybe he needed some tiny bit of help *whistles while looking away*

Gail said...

One thing your blog is not, is boring!

Shelley said...

You always have so much going on and your tales are quite entertaining.

I had a hairline fracture of my elbow (the ulna I think). OMG it hurt like a mo-fo! Doc wanted me to wear a sling but I wasn't having any of that. I just didn't do anything that would make it hurt bad. I recall being unable to use that arm to steer the car. I didn't need physical therapy after it healed, which surprised the doc. I think using it helped. I even drove t-posts with it. I just had to figure out how to do things in a way that was kind to my elbow. I'm not sure I'd go riding if it hurts that bad.

The Wife said...

I just love the peeg and his kittens! Hope your elbow gets well soon.

theCloth said...

I love that first picture.

Linda said...

That pig and his kittens, so cute! Glad you got Hammer straightened out.

EmmaP said...

Awww... Boce is so cute! OUCH! on the elbow!!!

Anonymous said...

What is BORING------is when you DO NOT BLOG. So there!

The "four horsees----" are handsome and look ready to tackle whatever life offers.

And as I have ALWAYS said----enter your photos in a contest.

And Boce and his "kids" oh my gosh! how sweet? Who would ever thunk!!!

Enjoy Carol

Mariah said...

I want a pig, and horses and a farm. I hate living here in Los Angeles. I'm jealous of your life

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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