Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Prince....

Yeah, I stole this pic from Perez. Sue me. He probably stole it from someone else.

A possibly little known fact about me is that I LOVE Prince. Love him. The man is a genius. He is also dead sexy. I know you probably do not agree, but that is all right. Leaves me a better shot at him. But this concerns me. He is wearing perfect matched shoes to his purple get up--and I think they are pumps. Even worse--look how thin he is. He is always little, but look at his neck. You know that woman is a size 2 and she looks like a giant next to him.

I sure hope he is not sick. This sort of thing could make me take to the bed for a long time. I cannot help my totally unnatural obsession with him, but I can tell you it has lasted damn near twenty-five years.

If he is ill, expect to hear wailing and gnashing of the teeth from me for the foreseeable future.


Holly said...


Prince?! Ick. Yous can have him.

Jamik said...

I agree Paige. I love Prince too!

Gail said...

"This is what is sounds like when the doves cry" is that Prince? If so I guess I love him, too.

Mrs. D said...

He is only slightly less creepy than Michael Jackson was, but I do like his music. I wonder if he is sick, too, he's very frail looking.

Shelley said...

I love his music and have seen two of his movies (not sure how many he has). Yeah, he looks horribly thin. I missed a chance to see him perform at the Gurnee, IL Six Flags years ago way before he became famous...and I think the park was actually called Marriott's Great America.

I assume you watched his halftime Super Bowl show. It was great!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I always thought he was a hottie. It was just that he was so tiny. I like big, brawny men. And then there are all the stories about what a control freak he is.

But I love his music and think he is probably one of the most gifted musical geniuses ever. If there an instrument he doesn't play?

Really sad to see him so thin and weak looking. He always has worn heels and build-up shoes and boots though.

Paige said...

I am used to the platform type shoes, but those look like straight up bridesmaid pumps or homecoming shoes from the 80s. Hell, I may have them somewhere!

He is completely self-taught on the instruments too

I think some things changed in his world when his daughter died--he got totally religious. He seems to have come out of that and is not such a hermit as he used to be

And yes Shelley, I saw that Super Bowl show--the best ever I thought

Amanda said...

I love him like the wind... he's so weird and cool and mysterious. I guess that spells creepy to some people, but I'm not one of them. And I'd like to carry him around in my pocket.

Anonymous said...


Not in my time!

And my favorites are before "your time"

Recycled music stars are a good idea---even Prince and Frank Sinatra

Heheh and enjoy Carol

baseballmom said...

hahaha-i feel the same way. he has always been hot to me. i hope he isn't sick too. matter of fact, i need to get me some prince cd s for my car!

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