Friday, October 9, 2009

Bijou--this one is a challenge

so it is a good thing she is so stinking cute. This is Hammer's little sister, Bijou. Check out those crazy stripes that run down her sides....not quite brindle, but she sure is approaching it.

I do not know why this is, but Mel's babies that are dun show more dun characteristics than any of the others. Echo, the yearling sister, looks exactly like this--just bigger.

After we get this one named, you all get a break from naming for a while. Won't that be nice? Melodys full name is GDA Playboys Melody. She is by Playboys Guard (by Freckles Playboy), out of a daughter of Freckles Hustler. Sly is the daddy--as if you cannot see that right up front.

A lot of Mel's babies have musical names. One is Play me a High Note, there is one called Slydun to the Music. I would like to stay with that name theme if it is at all possible, but am open to other ideas as well.

And as the papers come in, I will update you all on which names each one ended up with...because my attention span is too dang short to remember them all by now!

I tried to set this to post while I am on the road to Columbus Day camping, but I see I screwed it up. A Shortened trip to be sure, and a first time to take Madison. Pray I don't crash the trailer, and that everything goes well! Specifically pray that we do not get flooded out or stuck anywhere!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

She is very pretty! I love those rib stripes! She is very close to brindle colored.

How about Playboy at the Bijou or Bijou's Playboy?

hooves said...

Melodys Slydun Scale; Slyde Us A Melody;Slyde Trombone- hooves

Anonymous said...

Melodys Slydun Banjo

since she has rib stripes---could e banjo strings

enjoy (I hope) a rainy weekend

and Freshman cheerleader GD at Marion HS will be probably be rained out at Homecoming game tonight too. Aarrgh!!!!

Linda said...

Slydun's Melody

Jodi said...

Slyde Me A Melody

Jodi said...

Be safe this weekend. Sorry we will miss it - me, Eddie, John and Lisa (now that you have opened up the invite). You have no idea what you have done. LOL

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