Thursday, October 29, 2009

Damn that hurt

I was so going to post my big important post about my day yesterday, but I have had an interruption that has distracted me.

For the third day in a row, we are out of dog food--so I finally remembered to order feed from the elevator. The dogs don't care as they have been eating canned food I had stockpiled for Tequila--but we ran out so this was the day.

My elevator is awesome. Not only do they bill me monthly--but they will put feed out for me to pick up after hours, since they close before I get off of work. I just have to remember to call them, which I finally did today.

That does not mean that I remembered to go pick it up until I was already in my damn driveway. Typical. It was already after 7 pm, and I had done the farm chores, and worked out, after working late--so I was worn out. It was raining and gross, but because I am such a good mama, I went back to the elevator to get it.

Because of the rain, they had put the dog food under the roof where they load feed into feed trucks. Nice of them huh? I thought so.

I kept thinking so until I picked up the bag and threw it over my shoulder. It was a little icky from stray feed on the ground, and a little damp. Because this is the feed truck loading area, there is some scrap feed on the ground--and it was mushy from rain blowing in. So it was slick. Like snot.

Can you see where this story is going?

I took two steps with a 50 pound bag of feed on my shoulder and BAM! Down I went. Not just down in my regular way of falling down (I fell down in the dark at the farm Monday nite, and laughed my ass off about it)--but I went down in a twisty motion, since I had the feed on my left shoulder. I hit my head on a feed truck or the ground, I am not sure which, and really wrenched my neck--slammed my left ankle into the ground, and somehow managed to rip the top layer of skin off of my right foot.

It is amazing how much that can hurt. My foot stung like crazy, which is remarkable since normally I cannot feel it. I was covered in slime, and I smelled pretty much like pig shit, which is what feed smells like when it is wet.

I called Barry immediately, to cry, and he made fun of me. Imagine that. Then he told me to go to the ER. There is no need to get ridiculous about this--I am not about to go anywhere smelling like pig shit. Horse shit, yes, but not pig shit. He suggests I take a shower first, but by the time I did that, I was worn out. I do smell better though

My night is not off to its best start. I got home and realized I had to unload the feed in this condition. Great. I let the dogs in, and they were so excited they went to the only room in the house with carpet and put nasty muddy footprints all over it.

And NOW, what I really want is something fruity and sweet. I don't have anything that would really make me happy and I am trying so hard to be on the program, so I decided to have yogurt. But guess what? we are OUT. OUT of yogurt. And I am OUT at work too. This is not even funny. There is a strawberry Bacardi silver in there, and I have no idea where it came from, or how long it has been there, but I am giving it serious thought. That is the kind of day it has been.



Fantastyk Voyager said...

Go for the Bacardi- after the day you've had, you earned it!
I hope everything is in good working order in the morning. Head, back, ankle and foot injuries all at once is not good!

3 Men and a Lady said...

As soon as you said fruity and sweet I thought "daquiri". So that's what I'd get if I were you.... it'll numb the pain.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh honey! That Bacardi has your name on it. After all that, you truly to deserve it. Consider it medicine (wink-wink)


Jocelyn said...

drink that bacardi sister and drink it fast :0

Holly said...

uh oh. You know, you have to be more careful of you....this one is going to leave a mark!

Anonymous said...

Next morning------and now the over night aches and pains start all over.

If "something" is going to happen in your neck of the woods---it will be to you. You draw the "somethings" like ducks to water.

Oy Carol

Linda said...

Hope you went for the Silver! After that day you deserve it. Hope you're feeling better this morning.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh Dear Lord Paige!!! I hope you are feeling better!!! That was quite the fall!!

Vodka Mom said...

oy vey. When it rains it pours, doesn't it???

I'm sending you a pina colada.

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