Monday, November 2, 2009

Work weekend---catch up time

Barry came home for the weekend--first time in forever. The last tme he was here, in September, he was here for only 27 hours. Not a lot got done. he got home earlier than expected Friday nite and was worn out, so we got a scary movie on tv and laid in bed with the dogs and watched it. Good thing we took it easy as the rest of the weekend for a forced march of errands and little projects that needed handling.


I did a Halloween walk with my gym people, at 8:30. That is entirely too early in the morning.
Ran to vet to get some ace, in case we needed it to do some complicated horse repairs (did not need it but you know we would have if we had not had any on hand). Paid off outstanding balance at vet--- woo hoo--but that jinxes something into going wrong. Every time.

Then we went out to breakfast. There we shuffled around cars so I could get big stuff while he rushed to get something done and turned in to a shop by noon. Barry is not a good rusher but he was on it this time.

Picked up last of siding for sand pit shelter.

BS went to tire store to have Gator tires repaired. I finished using truck and tracked him down to trade again so I could go to bank (since truck does not fit in bank, remember?)

Went to bank to move money to cover all this paying off of things.

Learned that new mirror for truck is not going to be installed before Barry takes it to Chicago for a week as shop is closed.

Learned Gator tires shot so Got new tires on the Gator ($75 a freaking piece. It has 6 tires. oy vey) and installed new battery so it works now. Hot damn hallelujah

Rebuilt the fence between barns (at least part of it) to re-set fence charger box and made it work with brand new charger for 50 miles of fence. Jack with that, why don't you, horses?

Watched Illinois beat Michigan and the subsequent freezing over of hell.

Discovered Tango tore hell out of leg--or so it appeared--turns out not so bad, but always looks ugliest upon discovery. Learned we are low on SMZ/TMP antibiotic pills--knew that was going to happen, since vet was closed. I had enough tot get through til Monday though.

At half time, we finished the sand pit shelter, except for trim. Heard ridiculous news that Illinois was winning in second half, so rushed home.

Finished watching game, while folding laundry (you knew there would be laundry in here).

Cleaned kitchen.

Went to fundraiser Halloween thing in Headley's town. Obtained knowledge about purloined cat.

Vaccinated and dewormed all the weanlings. Had halter practice.

Birthday lunch with parents.

Got new tire on truck as one of the inside tires was felled by a rock. A rock, I say. This entailed 3 hours of WalMart time ...some of which was used shopping for boring things like ham and shaving gel.

Went to TSC for odds and ends, two of which they did not have, and a new rain jacket for Barry.

Went to hay man in his town and bought a trailer load of hay. Played with his baby animals.

Mada lasagna for dinner.

Monday morning:
Barry's birthday! He is a big boy now--38.

Raised top line on bull shed pen to keep Ammo in.

Did DNA on two horses

Moved horses to different pastures.

Bought 5 more rolls of fence and a shit fork. Realized I was in car and could not tote fence

Returned shit fork. Picked up fence, bought Barry new Carharrt jacket. Evidently he does not get it that Carharrts are supposed to be dirty and grungy, so he needed new.

Went out to lunch

Re-ran hotwire/checked hotwire on whole property.

Changed lightbulbs at top of barn--far bigger job than you would think, as the ceilings are so high. It takes a tractor so person can be lifted up in bucket. Barry knocked down birds nests, and cobwebs etc while he was up there.

Emptied big horse trailer of groceries, bedding, etc..washed the bedding to store for trailer return.

Closed the pool

BS Drove the trailer to dealership

I Worked on fence posts in hay field, in the dark, while he stopped by Springfield to see his family for birthday activities.

Doctored Tango, and discussed with baby Bam Bam that he is not making the decisions about what is fed around here. He was being beat out of the food in the baby pen, so when we moved babies to new pasture to get them out of mud, I kept him in to feed him up. He refuses to eat the good stuff I am giving him to pack on the weight. It is very sad. He wants his Strategy, he does not want alfalfa cubes or pellets or equine senior. Never had that happen before.

It is amazing how getting these little projects knocked out takes a huge weight off of me. None of them were huge, but I could not do them all. Now the big project for the week is gutting all the stalls, and pulling t-posts from one pasture so I can quit buying them by the hundred for new fence line, and mowing the yard here as it dries out. My Amish may come tomorrow nite to set some more railroad tie posts, and I hope to show them the next few things that they need to do after this is over. This lack of daylight after work is a problem though. I have five more stalls to gut, then more shavings to buy to tide me over until the sawdust man shows up with a truckload of sawdust.. I need to wean two more foals, but that will have to wait til next weekend.

In the midst of this all, I am getting back on the diet wagon more fully. It is crazy that I am working out this hard, but sliding on the food so not gaining any ground. That blows. So I am on it starting NOW.

Have a good week everyone--let's see how this four day work week goes for me as far as productivity--I am sure starting out feeling a hell of a lot better than I do normally. Maybe I should take off more Mondays!


The Wife said...

Dang! Yes, this "real" job crap sure gets in the way. But it pays the bills! You're right, it's the hundred bazillion little jobs that drive ya nuts. That's what we got goin' on.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I'm not sure how you do it all...and now I feel like a total failure that I couldn't even find time to take the dog on a walk today!!!

3 Men and a Lady said...

Wow! You made me tired just reading that!

Holly said...

I am 'xhausted after reading that.....*plants hand to forehead*

going to bed.

Holly said...

oh yeah, 'splain this bit pleeze.

"Obtained knowledge about purloined cat."

?????purloined cat??????

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

OMG! I do not envy you. I am glad we can raise horses and cows and not have to work real jobs! I have a baby Bam Bam too! Registered as Sun Frosted Badger
You can see him here- he was just born this year. Soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is ACCOMPLISHMENTS! ! 1

Makes one feel wonderful, fantastic, delightful and when you step back and see those ACCOMPLISHMENTS----it is even better.

Nice way to start a Monday, new week and new month.

Enjoy Carol

Amy said...

This wore me out just to read - I've been not feeling well the past few days though :( will put up some h'ween pics on FB later this week after I figure out what the hell is wrong with me - i've had a headache for going on 3 days now! not fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well it sounds like you pack more into 4 days than most folks can pack into 2 weeks worth! Gah! You stay busy around there, don't you?

But you totally had me laughing at "buying ham and shaving gel". Somehow those two items just don't belong in the same sentence. lol! lol!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

I'm tired now!!! I need a nap after reading that LOL!! And your still standing after all of that!! But yes it makes a mind feel better to have the little stuff done!

Anonymous said...

A second comment:


7 of your friends write about being tired from reading your post, praise you for all your hard work, more tiredness.

8th person (ME) cites happiness, accomplishments, fantastic at job well done, and translate to getting me GOING on "stuff" too.

I guess my "old brain" needs adjustments.

Enjoy the great weather

phaedra96 said...

Reading your list says how busy you are and how hard everyone works. But, you did not say how much satisfaction you feel because all those jobs are done. I had some fencing issues this summer and when the job was done; I felt... safer. Like NOW I know the monsters cannot get out!!! My list of needs-done unfortunately has to wait on Honey to do because I cannot run new wiring, bolt in a new gate, etc. Sigh. It does get done, just slower than makes me happy sometimes. (On a side note; looked at your website and am still trying to dry the drool off my computer. Gorgeous horses and....they all can, have and/or will do something.) All that hard work pays off.

Nancy said...

I am about a week's worth of tired reading your to do list! When your done would you come to my house? I really need someone to kick start me!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally exhausted just reading about all you do.

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