Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 3- Animals that are not mine

For as many animals as I have, I still seem to run across other animals during the course of the day. I will admit, I did not take these today, since I was out of town all day at a thing I so want to tell about but will take some thinking to do justice to it. So it has to wait and you get animals from the weekend

Check out this ol boy. This is truly the funniest bird I have ever run across. I first met him last week when I was looking for help to build fence at the farm...he lives down the road from me, at the home of my new help. When I got there, no one was home, and this ol boy thought it was his job to tell me who God loved--and it was not me. I never heard such a racket, I swear--he was one hot rooster.
Isn't he quite the bad ass? I have never run into a bird who looked like he was posing for a body builder magazine, but I am certain that is what he thinks.

These are two of the newest calves at the neighbor's house by my house. They keep a couple of cows occasionally, and then they disappear, and I do not want to think about where they go, but eventually they go away. Barry tries to tell me that they are going to the "trainer"--but I am pretty sure that is not true, as once they go away, they stay away. Then eventually, new babies are born. These are the most recent, and they are darling darling darling.

OK, this one is mine--but the only one of these animals that is mine. And it was at least taken on the same day as the other pics, so it counts as far as I am concerned. But really it is just funny to see an ass run. Far funnier in person, I promise.
OK, back to the characters at the Amish house. I swear, that place is like a playground for me--they always have great animals, and usually babies of some sort for me to hold. It is like going to Six Flags for me.
Ol Honky here is the second loudest resident at their to that crazy roided up rooster. There are two of these geese--it is a goose, isn't it? I swear they sound like an alarm system when they realize you are there. Good thing no one was home on this visit, or someone might have shot me from a window if they relied on the racket he was making.
I love piggies. These piglets were precious--but being hassled by a goat who was insistent on aggravating them right outside their pen. I wanted to kiss their little snoots, but I was afraid one of those vicious birds would get me if I got near them.
There were three little goaties that all looked alike---but they go so fast, most of my pics were blurry. I wish I could have goaties, but Barry won't let me, an dI am sure he is right that it would all go terribly wrong if I had some. They look so cuddly though, I just want to hold some goat babies for a while.
Goat grownups are not nearly as cute. But still fun to watch them play--this was bossy goat that was harrassing the piggies.

I could play at their house all day long. I get to go back this weekend, if we are not all swept away by the monsoons.

I will get back on track with the photo challenge as soon as possible.....stay tuned


Holly said...

that is some rooster all right! He looks in that one photo like "he's comin' fer ya!" I love the black and white face on the calf on the right. And I desperately want a goat too. Maybe we need to start up a petting zoo...think we could talk Barry into it?

3 Men and a Lady said...

Roosters scare the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

Geese are just as good as a watch dog and they bite too.

Down by the Farm and it's occupants. Neat pics.

Enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wondderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You could've at least mentioned my birthday. Everybody who has ever heard of me sent me b-day wishes.
I'm so sorry you're banged up yet again.

Paige said...

Oh for petes sake--most people who are 66 do not want the world to know it.

What I should have done was post a pic of your "eye surgery"

Jen's Farmily said...

Our rooster is sort of a bada$$ in that he thinks he's a bada$$, but that rooster could probably kick his ass. He's muscular fo so!

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