Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Beast

This is the cause of all my misery. Well not all of it. But a good chunk of it. I have been meaning to take pics of the Beast to put on here, but he stupidly told me about some of his competition shots that are available online. Evidently, he is in a bunch of competition videos, but I get enough live-action Beast to make me not have to see that. I am floored by these shots.

Can you believe the size of this man? He does not compete now--he says he is too old--but these pics are not that old. He told me he was about 3% fat when he was competing. As low as that sounds, I do not know where he is hiding that fat. Now, he is 9% he says. I am not telling you how much I am.

I cannot imagine the dedication this takes. When I told him today that I used to not be able to tie my shoes because I was too fat, he told me he could not either. I could not figure that out, but he demonstrated how limited he was in movement because of the muscles. Seeing these pics, I can see how. At his highest weight, he was 55 pounds higher than he is now, which put him over 300 pounds of solid muscle. Can you imagine?

I cannot wait to make fun of him over these pics, but I am glad I saw them, as it gives me an idea of how hard he worked to get there. And that he is not just a stupid beauhunk, but really good at being sensitive to me and my hangups, and a good teacher, is really cool. I cannot believe that I am comfortable enough with anyone, let alone my freaking trainer, to stand there and take the gut size check like I do with him, is freaky to me. But I do. All the time.
Tomorrow he is voting on whether I am ready to wear a shirt tucked in. I know he will tell me the truth. I feel good, but I know the rest of the world sees me as a fat girl--and I still am. But I think I am almost ready.

And I hope to sweet Jesus he does not find out I put these pics on here, as he is liable to squash me.


Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh he *really* your trainer? No offense to him, but seeing anyone like that would make me barf.

I got it. Name your horse "The Hulk" after your new trainer.

Mrs. D said...

I admire the work and willpower it takes to workout to that point, but I have to agree with Screwed Up Texan, yikes! It's just weird looking! Does he still look like that?

Paige said...

Not quite. His legs are not that big now, although his calves are massive, and he is not that cut. His arms and chest are probably pretty close, but you do not see the details in clothes. So it is not so overwhelming.

He likes more like a pro football player than anything--so it is no big deal. That is why these shocked me so much--that he is the real deal and not just a blowhard.

I guess its no different than a gymnast or other athlete--

Holly said...

it is totally impressive that he could look like that. It is far far over done in my most humble non-educated opinion, I like normal-not-excessive looking people. The work that it takes to get there and stay impressive.

You are not a fat girl Paige Strawn and it's a good thing that Pa is this far away or I'd show up on your doorstep and make you pay for that. You have worked HARD to get to the point you are at and you will lose more.

be proud of that.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

OMG-He's a "halter" horse!

Anonymous said...

Compared to what- - - - - do you consider yourself fat?

No I don't think so and I have never seen you-----

But I admire your dedication and support you in all your future adventures. Once there---all is the continued dedication.

Go for it!!!! enjoy enjoy Carol

Linda said...

Well HELLOOO there! My oh my what a fantastic view! Excuse me I have to go splash on some cold water.

RunDrums said...

rub's eyes,, OH My!!! HOT, HOT!!!!!!
mmmmm yummmmmm thank YOU for a good start to a friday. ha!

mommymae said...

who in the hell is that?

do you remember when wil lash used to do body building competitions? of course, he wasn't in the same class as the beast.

Jocelyn said...

OMG BRown Eyed Cowgirl said what I was going to say!

Is he HYPP positive??

Was Impressive his Sire?

Jamik said...

Wow! He IS a beast!!!

YOu go girl! I am proud of you Paige for all the hard work and humiliation you go through with weigh in's ane measurings and workouts and even running. That shit is not for the faint of heart. YOu are looking FABULOUS by the way! :-)

Shelley said...

The Them are some huge muscles.

Tuck that shirt in girl!

The Wife said...

Oh my! I'm not a fan of the competitive bodybuilder look but their dedication is amazing!

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