Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Its China Time

Isn't that sweet? Mad does the man handling as I get the shots, but baby China made it easy on us. This one is a trip and a half. This was her first day of leading lessons, and she took to it beautifully. From out of the stall to perfect leading behavior was about three minutes...and once they are in our photo taking place, there are a lot of distractions like speeding cars going by, cats hopping on them--you name it, it happens. She was not phased at all. I love that in a baby--the immediate taking to socialization
And this photo is the first time I thought she looked like her grandma, the big fat Rock. And it is not her that she looks like, but another of her babies.

In any event, it is time to name this baby! Again, Sly is the daddy. The dam is Cash--Hickorys Cashin In. Her sire is Miss N Cash. Dam is Rock Creek Holly by Docs Hickory...Sugar Bars on the bottom side. This is a freakishly strong dam line--Rocks dam, Squirt Lady, is a maternal half sister to Lemacs Harriet, who needs no explanation. Diamond J Playgirl, who produced Diamond J Star, Charoakter Eyes, Diamond J Oak-- share this bottom line, in the first two generations of mares, such as the Lemacs Harriet line.

This is a really nicely bred filly, and the first for Cash.

As chunky as thse pics made her out to be, it reminds me of her birth and early days--I started calling her China, because she looked like a china doll as a baby. That was clearly a misnomer, as there is nothing dainty about her. To watch her move is so fun though, as there is so much power in her actions--and she is freakishly smart. You can see her funneling through her options all the time--it is cool to try to predict how she will come out on a dilemna. It is always the right answer though.

So here we are again with a deadline as to naming---move fast! I want to hear your votes. REmember, I have lots more to go after this--perhaps next we will name a non- Slybaby--


hooves said...

Slyde Me The Cash; Slyde Me Some Cash; Slydun Cash; Don't remember how many letters are allowed, so these may be too long. hooves

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OK lets see here...

Hickorys Sly Cash, Cashin in Sly Hickory, Slyde me Hickorys Cash...

Oh I'll have to try and come up with more.

Anonymous said...

Horse student's SUGGESTION

Slyde Rock Cash

?? enjoy Carol

MicBel QH said...

Haidun Rocks
Slydun N Cash

Fantastyk Voyager said...

She's beautiful!!
How about Rock Hard Cash or Cash for China?

RunDrums said...

cash in the china
china on the rocks
slyde the china
cash in my china
hickory maid china

hooves said...

Dont Haid The Cash;Haid The Cash; Cash N Slyde;Dont Slyde The Cash-hooves

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like Slyde Me The Cash!

or, Miss N Slyde

Liza Lundell

amyblady said...

She is beautiful and her pictures make me think she's got loads of personality. (love the firt pic)
All I can think is that she needs to have Sugar Britches in her name. LOL!

Kalin said...

Haidun The Cash
Haidun TheGood China
Haidun N China

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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