Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Weaner Castle

First, you guys are great--I love the name ideas, and in an effort to keep this train on the track, as soon as I get done posting this entry, I am going to choose some, and submit the registrations. I am finding that I have to FORCE myself to get things done lately, or I do not, and the more I do not do something, the more anxious I get. I had to force myself to put up laundry tonight, but at least I did it--I have been trying to force myself to do it for weeks. I did some at least.

This whole day has been hard. I do not feel well still--my head is still hurting off and on, but my stomach hurts more than that. I can hear it gurgling all the time. I had to have blood drawn this morning, then worked a really long day where I spent most of the time trying not to write the phrase "Bag of body parts". That is far more difficult than you would think. If I never see another severed head again, I will be happy. I am just tired of them. I got a training session in but I do not feel satisfied by it. I wacked my elbow right on the funny bone the other day and it must be bruised because it hurts to do a lot of movement in it. That kind of limited some of our options tonight.

Because I worked until practically dark, I did not get to advance the ball on two of my projects. One was to photograph China for her registration pics, and the other was to move a truckload of rock that I had delivered today. It is for this project:

Prior to Barry's whirlwind 27 hour visit this weekend, this was simply a roof in a 40 x 70 pen I had. We started a little before noon on Sunday, and were done by 6 pm so he could go back to Chicago. I helped with this part. I am not a good hammer-er. That is all there is to it.
I did little of this--instead I went to the grocery store and to buy more nails. We always run out mid-job, or lose them before the job starts.
Notice the busy body at the side of the shot. She was stealing nails. What a menace. No wonder we never have any.
This is the result of my mis-measurement. I was 1.5 sheets short. I ordered them today and they will be in by this weekend (when I will not be available to work on it of course).

I did all of this part--with the drill--way more effective. We also have a battery problem around here- they peter out on us, or were not charged to begin with, etc. But we managed to get through this. I drilled while Barry cut up small sections to fill in. I was good at this part.

Barry had a lot of help with the trim. Other than me only getting a little bit. I have to measure and get the rest of it for the next time he comes home--but no hurry, since I have no idea when that might be. We will run the same green edging along the front posts, and the roof line.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get at least a half truckload of rock moved in there. I got the road pack stuff so it will make a good hard footing for the babies. I have moved two weanlings out there already--Pebbles and Bam Bam, and hopefully China will go after her pics tomorrow. In a week or so, Tarzan and that Ghostie baby will get to go out. All but Tarzan are vaccinated already, as I ran out of vaccines before I got to him, and had to order some tonight--they will be here on Thursday. I will probably let them settle in the barn over the weekend to ensure they are good and broke of wanting their mamas, and then move them out to this new Weaner Castle.

So far, the weanlings do not want to go in there. Or at least, I have not seen them go in there. They will though, once it rains, and it gets gross out there. When I build up the floor inside that building, it will give them a plenty big place to relax and stretch out to sleep. After a month or two has passed, they will be out in the world in their own pasture, but until then, this will be a safe enclosure for them that they will not be able to walk through the fence like they can in other pastures.

If I am going to get these registrations submitted, I better get on it. I have already run over my new show, The Good Wife, which is really good. Thanks again for the suggestions on names!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh I can't wait to hear what name you choose!! I was to late to add an entry but you sure had some good ones!!

I hope you figure out why the heck your not feeling well...You guys or well Barry LOL, got a lot done in that 27 hours!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good!!!!! and I hope you get to feel better.

Isn't this weather wonderful. Imagine all the "kids" like it too.

Be sure to let us all know your name choices.!

Enjoy Carol

mrscravitz said...

I have a lean-to built just like yours. The first year, the horses never used it at all. Then last winter I caught them in it every once in a while. THIS YEAR I can't hardly keep them out! The secret? This year I put down two bales of straw! The dust was so bad in there, every time they would turn around they would stir it up! So this year to keep the dust down, I put in the straw! I was worried at first because one of my horses started to eat it, but then figured out that pasture grass tasted better. They both lay down in it all the time, napping and sleeping. They look like little ragamuffins with straw all in their manes. But they are so cute, and I am so glad they like it now.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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