Monday, September 28, 2009

Pushing the deadline again

I do not know what is the matter with me, but something is. Not only did I fail to wean these babies until they are every bit of six months old, but I also have not given the first thought to what to name them officially. I got these pics to do the online registration for the first two that I weaned, and have everything submitted except for names. Which means that I really do not have anything submitted. It is getting down to the wire, and I have nothing-nada-bupkus for ideas on either of them. So come on with the suggestions, and hurry up about it!

This top one is Pebbles--her dam is Hotrod, whose real name is Bluestem Cowgirl. Her sire is Colonel Hotrodder, and she is out of a daughter of Lucky Stroke. Sly is by Haidas Sugar Doc and out of a daughter of High Brow Hickory, second dam is by Freckles Playboy. All of her siblings are full sisters, and one brother (Target), whose name is Slydun Hotrod. After that, the names are just about as obvious.

This is baby boy BamBam. Zans Enterprise is his mother, Slydun Haida is his dad. Duh. Zan is by BH Toy Boy by Be Aech Enterprise, and out of a daughter of Zan Parr Jack. All of BamBam's siblings are also by Sly, except for the first, who was by Genuine Doc. That means I have used up all of the obvious choices on names.

Thoughts? I like funny names. My favorite name of her babies is Slyde Me a Cold One. Others are boring things like Slydun Enterprise (Hawkeye), Genuine Appeal, etc...

I am really under the gun on this one--I only have about ten days to get this stuff submitted. And of course, have two more that are due at the same time, and I have not even started on them--heck one of them is not even weaned yet! I so have to get with the program.

Help a girl out here, folks---


MicBel QH said...

BamBam - Be Sly
- Haida Toy
- Haida Prize

Pebbles - Hot Stroke a Luck
- Blue Moon A Slydun

hooves said...

I'm thinking Low Carb Yogurt for one and I'll have to think of some more. Kidding of course! hooves

Paige said...

Now that is funny Linda. The other one could be Sweet Potato.

you know if I did that, these would be the two to hit the jackpot and I would end up explaining this for years. Then everyone would know I was not right

Linda said...

Pebbles - Hot Blue ...something
BamBam - Sly Jack

Screwed Up Texan said...


Lorna said...

For Pebbles:

Hot Sly Cowgirl
She's A Slydun Cowgirl
Hot Slydun Sugar

For BamBam
Enter a Slydun Jack
He's a slydun Prise
Parr for a slydun doc
Parr for a Slydun Prise
He's a sly Zans jack
Slydun to a Prise Parr

hooves said...

Okay- First horse-Ms Strokin Hotrod or Stroke My Hotrod; Second Horse:Enterprise Zone hooves

Holly said...

so can I put this out to a friend or two who is clever with names?

Anonymous said...

How would I know? I am just a horse student who reads and learns about horses.

Names ! ! ! ! under what category does it fall under. What is wrong with what you call her now?

How about Sly-Pebbles or Pebbles Sly

Think when you have time---a lesson on how to name horses--"officially"?

Enjoy and curious Carol

Jen's Farmily said...


Zats a Sly Boy


Sly Dun the Cowgirl

hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Pebbles--Plain Brown Sugar

BamBam--I like Haida Prize


Nancy said...

Pebbles - Slys lil Cowgirl

BamBam - Jack of all Slys

hooves said...

Still thinking: Pebbles- Slydem Cowgirl, Slyde'Em Cowgirl or Slyde Me A Hotrod(may have to take out spaces for that).hooves

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