Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fonzie's new world

On the belief that the Fonzinator is likely insulin resistant, some new things were put into effect tonight. I am so lucky to have Linda and Head to advise me on these weird health things--this time I got lucky and hit one they are expert in. Linda sent over her special-take-care-of-IR-horses kit, which includes Triple Crown Lite. Since we live in BFE--and she lives in BFE-er--I cannot imagine where she has to go to get this. I suspect another state. It is not Nutrena, or Purina, it ain't around here!

The package says it is IDEAL for Ponies and Miniature Horses. Since I do not know what Fonzie is, or he might be a cross of those two, I am sure he is comforted by that marketing angle. It is a very low sugar content which is what the little dude needs if he truly is IR. He also is going to be eating these balanced timothy hay cubes. They are smaller than the alfalfa cubes I used to feed Grandpa, but still pretty hard, so we soaked up a batch and handed them over to him. Maybe he could smell the ranitidine he is taking to keep the Bute from hurting his tum tum, or the Vitamin E that Linda says he needs on this diet, but he was not at all sure that he needed to get involved in this new plan.

Quite the look on his face there isnt it? Like "WTF is this mess, Lady? " He is feeling really good though, you would never know we had hit a bump at all. Now to find the right combo of things to keep him in that shape. I am going to check in with the vets in the morning to determine our next step. I have a plan for tomorrow evening that should crack us all up if we can pull it off. Stay tuned for that!

God willing, this will be the last grainy shot I subject you to. I hear that my real camera has been repaired by Canon and is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow. Hallelujah, sweet Jesus! Even the crappy quality of the photo did not ruin the beautiful sunset tonight.

In unrelated, but extremely interesting news--I take back everything I have ever said about yongurt being a disgusting misuse of dairy products. After I discovered that my favorite lemon berry parfait was actually just yogurt with lemon juice in it, I started making it on my own. It is not as good as the restaurant makes of course, but I learned that I can deal with the texture after all. I bought a whole pile of CarbMasters yogurts from Kroger on Sunday, and holy balls- is this shit good! I had cherry this afternoon, and just had strawberry pomegrante. I do believe I have a new addiction--which is cool since they are only 80 cals, 4 carbs and 12 grams of protein. There has to be a catch, right? This seems to good to be true. What bad horrible thing are they hiding from me? Is this going to cause me a stroke, or brain damage, or cause me to pee on myself, or something else horrid? There has to be something.


hooves said...

The Triple Crown products come from Southern States in Henderson, Ky. Actually only 74 miles one way for me. In fact I went today to restock. The ontario dehydrated balanced timothy cubes come from Millstadt, Illinois. They are made in Canada and were the brain child of Dr. Eleanor Kellon and Aurelio at the company in Canada. They somehow grow low sugar/starch timothy, mix it with beetpulp and all of the minerals that are needed to balance it. If he gets too ticked off about the ranatidine you may have to syringe that in. Now that should be worth taking a video of! hooves

Holly said...

well now, it is good news about Fonzie and honestly, I laughed right out loud at that photo. *I* thought he was saying "What'rya trying to do, POISON me?"

I so wish we could get timothy pellets or cubes around here but OH NO, just the alfalfa.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh I hope that works for Fonzie!!! And that sunset picture is gorgeous!!! Beautiful sunset!

Anonymous said...

Life sounds good------maybe a trend.

Picture is still pretty-----

When animals/people "question" you on their care or ????

They must be getting better. Yay!
Enjoy Carol

Jocelyn said...

Fonzie caption:

Now listen here Food Bringer Lady, this is dees-gusting, this reeks of " good for me" crap. Now go fetch me something more to my liking.

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