Monday, October 6, 2008

Now you know where it comes from

The ability to appear to be a doofus, even when you are not really, I mean.

This is my mom. and yes, she always looks that silly. She likes to wear a hat, but I did not know that if you give her a perfectly good hat like this fine orange straw hat I bought at the Calgary Stampede because orange is my favorite color, that it would immediately turn into a stupid hat when she put it on.Even Radar looks a little skeered of her in this shot, doesn't he?
The trees are starting to turn at Sam Dale Lake---just barely starting but it counts. The weather was perfect yesterday, about 77 degrees, with a light breeze.
Headley is looking serious here-- but the photo is noteworthy because he is not flipping me off like he normally is.
Mom rode Twister yesterday which is only interesting because it has been almost exactly five years since he pitched her off and broke her back. We have never held it against him though because it was such a weird situation, and now we have confirmation that it was a symptom of his major pain (that is now gone, thank God).
The beans are mot ready yet there, and this is the stage I think it is prettiest, because they are so bright yellow.
The milo is pretty now too. I do not even know what milo really is, don't let me kid you. However, both of these fields are in the State Park.

I guess I do not have to post every single trail ride I go on, do I?


Holly said...

oh yes you do! Do not skip even one!

Mrs Parks said...

Can I just say, I LOVE the hat.

Think of that hat and go put some panties on!

Paige said...

It is a good hat, but I do not think it calls for drawers.

You say the crazy things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting a "face" onto Mom. Now I can really understand her replies to you. Hehehe

And a good one of Headley, who usually gets a "backside" pic on a ride.

And I smelled the flowers too
Enjoy Carol

The Wife said...

Love you mom, she looks like a hoot!

Jodi said...

Yes you do!

Tiffany said...

LMAO At making fun of your mom. And Radar is like, lady if you come closer I'm outta here.

Paige said...

God knows what he was thinking about her in that hat--he is trying so hard to grow into a dignified young man, and then he gets stuck in a photo with her in that hat.

A man cannot get ahead around here.

My whole family is full of crazy people-she is just one of them. Not even the worst, really. That would be Larry--but she is a close second

J & J Acres said...

I agree- the hat is fabulous! :)

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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