Monday, October 6, 2008

Ammo is not good

Well in most ways she is great. She is pretty, smart and a heck of at athlete. She loves her mom--which if you will recall, is the cause of this injury. And it worked as now she has her mother back.

She is also oozing goo. The swelling is essentially gone however. Tonight, she got a good slathering of furacin, and her leg wrapped. At the very least then, she is learning some things. I kicked up her SMZ intake, because it is virtually impossible for us to do it twice a day like this with her mother still with her, when we have to work so early. Ha-- early--but right after I get done sleeping, I mean.

I knew this weaning was going too well. I just hope that we got her infection early enough, as I did not start her on antibiotics until Saturday morning.


Holly said...

she will be fine, remember how your little Hammer boy was worse? He is take good care of your kids Strawn, she will be healed up in no time!

Paige said...

Oh yeah he was way worse--this is just a little scrape, which is why I am so surprised it got nasty like this.

I actually was reminding Barry of Hammer's transformation when he cut his hoof. And Chief was a whole other deal --we doctored him for more months than I can count.

This one will be easy, if I keep up on the abx.

Jodi said...

Sugardine, sugardine, sugardine! No furazine.

Paige said...

No Jodi, you know that is Linda's line.

I will change her tonight, I just was not ready for the goo! I make such a mess of me with that stuff, but it is worth it, it sure works

Jodi said...

I cannot help it if you have 2 very smart friends. :)

Paige said...

I am going to start paring it down to only dumb friends, as soon as I can find some I can stand

Jodi said...

Well then, I fear you will be sitting around with a bunch of chimps or something if your are looking for less intelligent than what you've currently got. :)

Paige said...

It won't be the first time sister

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