Monday, October 6, 2008

Too much time watering leads to me trying to be artsy

I do not know how these beasts drink so much, but they do, so it took more than an hour to fill the back water troughs tonight. That gave me free time to try to be kind of artsy, which as we all know, I am not.

I did get some cool detail shots, which I will save for another day, and a few that I kind of like of Playmate. While she is not my oldest girl, she is one of them at almost 28 years old, and she has as much personality in her old body as a lot of people I know.
These first two are my favorite I think. The first one she looks so relaxed to me, and in this middle one, she looks not excited--but maybe anticipating something. I think she shows her age more here too, how she is going gray in her face.

I think I like this one the least of the three, as she looks a little wonky with her eye opened more on one side than the other.

I want so much to get something creative for each and every one of my horses, something good enough to print and keep, and I realize these tight shots on their faces is hardly something that has not been done to death--but I am not that creative, no matter how hard I try.

Which do you like best?


Train Wreck said...

I like the middle one! You are too artsy!! Art is in the eye of the beer holde.. I mean beholder!! he he! I just take so many that I get a few good ones. So just keep taking them! You are on your way!!

Paige said...

well the beer holder too---that might help.

I took 280 tonight--that is about par for the course.

I just do not think of unique angles really--when I see what someone else has done, I think "I can do that" but did I ? NO

Anonymous said...

Ah Hmm! Practice makes perfect so 280 a night is a good start.

Be quiet----your pics are beautiful and "realistic" as I can smell the flowers and pet the guys and gals.

Enjoy Carol

Jamik said...

Love the first one!

The Wife said...

I like the first one with the added depth of the background. Artsy is tough. I just take and take and take pictures in the hopes that one will be alright.

Robin Sallie said...

I LOVE these, Paige!

Paige said...

Thanks Robin--how bout all these great photogs trying to cheer me on.

So swell--thanks guys!

The first one is my fave too, I think

Kim said...

I like the first one best. It shows more personality, for some reason. I think you do a great job with the photos. And I love the pic of you on your profile.

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