Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I really am turning into my mother

My mom loves Halloween. I think it is because her birthday is near it, and not that she is actually a witch, but it is hard to be sure about things like this. Anyway, she also is one of those decorating people--she gets worse every year. Somehow, it is starting to effect me. Fall is the easiest to do, since it just takes the stuff I mostly have around here anyway--farm stuff, and a trip to the neighbors pumpkin place.
That is where we went after work today. They have a jillion punkins, some huge ones which are my favorite and some funky gourds. We dragged around wagons and picked out what we wanted.
And mostly I took pictures, because that is what I do. The light was just so pretty, as the sun was starting to go down. I had the same problem last year.

There are a jillion cats there, and even they look pretty with the pumpkins. Orange makes me crazy, I even have an orange bedroom..
This is my favorite kind of kitty--isn't she pretty?
We ended up going to two pumpkin places as the neighbor's place was already out of the funky stuff like warty gourds (which for some reason I like now, but hated when my sister used them as part of her centerpieces at her wedding reception....more evidence I am turning into my mom)
Then we dragged it all home, and had Barry bring some hay bales to put it all up on. First thing he said was that the pig would eat my pumpkins, then dear God, how much did you spend on these things? I knew the pig would eat them eventually, but until then, it is a nice difference on the front porch.
I love the funky punkins.
I was not quite organized yet on the porch when I was distracted by this---
That damn pig started eating my master punkin--55 pounds of special punkin with some funky spots on him. My best punkin ever I was sure. And he started eating it within 30 seconds of its arrival.
By the time he was done hacking away at it, this is what it looked like. Can you believe he would do this to my big punkin this fast? Horrible little animal.
Then I went to the garage to get something to eat, and this is what I found. My pig ate himself sick. He could barely move--in fact, he did not even get up the whole time I was flashing the camera at him, which is totally unlike his fat ass. And definitely take note of the different color of his face--it is wet from sticking it in my pumpkin. That is punkin guts shining him up.
Isn't that pathetic? I would feel sorry for him except that he ate my best punkin. Damn pig.
I have to admit that it kind of pleases me that he cannot move he is so full.

And yes, my pig is laying on a mattress in the garage. It should be disposed of, but that has not happened yet and some dog knocked it down and now they lay on it. Pig does not like to be left out of anything, so he too lays on it.
Look at that face. I sure know how that feels---I had too many bagel bites for dinner. I guess that is another way I am turning in to mom--we both have kids that do not know their limits very well.


Holly said...

and you are turning into a fine photographer too. The light on those punkin pix is outstanding.

Don't be too mad at Boce...he's going to pay for it tomorrow when that punkin starts to work it's way through his system. You will be glad to be at work!

Vodka Mom said...

He's such a pig.

LOVE the photos and the blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter--the Punkin Eater---only his name is Boce.

I like your Mom. I think you said she works or did work in a school- - - -me too-----and she likes to decorate----me too.

And we like our daughters. She has two but I have one but a wonderful granddaughter to make up the difference.

Don't get punkin heads Lorna and Bree.


Lorna said...

Your fall decorations look very nice! Very festive!

Man oh man all those punkins would have me dizzy!! And I'd lose my kid for days - she LOVES going thru all punkins to find the right one!

You need to get some Indian Corn to round out your decor - I love the colors in Indian corn!

Boce looks quite content! Just think his attacking your best punkin was a compliment to the job you did picking it out!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, though. You could do worse. What if you became even more like your dad.
Love you and thanks for a fun day.

Bekah said...

AAAAND now i want a pet pig.

Lazy A Ranch said...

You are taking such fab shots, I love your pumpkin pictures.

Now you have learned to not forget to bring Boce his own pumpkin back, because otehrwise he will pick one of yours...he is getting so big, and he is soooo damn cute!

joansy said...

I found your blog about a month ago from your interest of Great Danes, and have quitely been reading it since, because it's quite entertaining. :) I love your pig stories!

The other night I had an apple in my bag, which happened to be on the floor, and heard some crunching noises. When I got up to investigate, I found my rabbits had found my nice new apple I hadn't eaten yet, and had eaten it for me.

Lucky for me, though, they hadn't eaten themselves sick. :)

I'm glad Bocephus is feeling better!

Paige said...

Ha, Holly you are right--he will shitting like a goose, won't he? Or all bound up from too much fiber

He should have thought of that.

He was munching away this morning when I left.

I guess I will have to photograph his progress every nite

Paige said...

There was no Indian Corn at the first place and I got distracted with the warty gourds (which we call "warty bastards" in our family) at the second place.

I sometimes put cornstalks on the posts on the porch, and then the indian corn, but ol Bocephus would be out of control with all that

Paige said...

That is not funny mom---I have enough problems.

Then again, if I were more like Dad, I would hardly know it, would I? Until I saw people running to get away from my stories....hey, wait a minute....

Paige said...

You would love it Bekah, he is an absolute riot. It is like having a VERY smart dog

Paige said...

Isnt he handsome Missy? But all my work to keep him at a healthy weight may go down the tubes over these fall decorations.
He would hardly get his head out of hte pumpkin to take his Flintstones vitamin this not like him

Paige said...

Joansy, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you commented!

So your bunnies run loose? How cute! I had bunnies as a kid, but they came to an unfortunate end--I am still not over some of it. My Dad and his business partner made them a great rabbit hutch, which was really nice of them--I always think of that when I think about rabbits.

I loved my big fat rabbit Dreamy.

BITRCountryGirl said...

Here's a little random tidbit for you that someone once told me.....All Calico cats that are born are born female. (I've seen a lot of calico's and have yet to see a male one, so it might actually be true)

Bo's just being a guy....If you go with Bill Engvall's theory on guys, they have three basic needs: Eating, Sleeping, and Sex (most animals have that option "removed" though.)

Paige said...

well no doubt about it, that applies to Boce-pig. I had to have the sex thing dealt with when he was tiny--nothing stinkier than pig pecker

How is that for a little known fact? :)

Tiffany said...

LMAO at fatty. He reminds me of my bulldog. She's a fat little heifer too. And man that was a shitload of pumpkins!

hooves said...

Well, Thank God! that I kept reading. At first I thought that you had all of those pumpkins in your yard and didn't realize til later that they were at the pumpkin place. Don't know if pigs can founder, but you might ask Kevin. That will have him scratching his head!!! Pugsley has started grabbing ahold of my leg or shoving me if he doesn't like what he gets to eat. They are a hoot! hooves

*Sarah* said...

HAHAH this was hysterical. I loved the pumpkin pictures. I love the fall decorations. Fall is my favorite. And those kitties are my favorite kind too. And wow, Boce, that is too funny. He looks like one of those kids that got into the Nestle Quick powder or something and is lying on the kitchen floor with the evidence all around him and is sick and sorry from it.

Jennifer said...

Way too cute!!!

Amanda said...

They are called warty bastards and, oddly enough, they are more upsetting to me since the wedding. Used to not bother me. Now they scare the hell out of me.

And you used to tell me that you mom was a witch and dad was a warlock. And then you'd cackle. Freakin' maniac.


Train Wreck said...

BEaUtiFUL Pictures!! Just gorgeous!! I love punkin pictures!! You little "Peter" pumpkin pig looks as if he is smiling inth that last picture!!

Camille said...

Made me laugh my big butt off! That pig is hilarious! Sorry about your pumpkin :(

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