Monday, October 6, 2008


Now see I so thought I was going to embed this in here, but for some reason, it wont take it becasue there is the word "movie" in the code

This is a political commercial for a friend of mine, but that is not why I am posting it. I am positing it because Jenna is in it, she is the one that does most of the talking---but she was so sick with a fever that day--and does not know why she is blinking so much when she talks--and it is an all around hoot.

Because I am funny like this, and because as far as I know, there is no video of me to be thrown back at me (and besides she has no blog anyway), I am putting it on here.

Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend


The Wife said...

You are evil but that's why I like you so. Jenna starring as Miss Blinks-a-Lot.

Paige said...

Isnt that a hoot? she actually was the one who pointed out that she was blinking full time, or I might not have noticed it, but now that I see it, it cracks me up.

And that she did not know she was to be the star of the commercial, and was so sick when it was being done--makes it so classic.

Holly said...

go Jenna!

*Sarah* said...

Hehe! I like it. She sure did blink a lot.

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