Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mundane details

Things that have happened in the last 30 hours:

Beautiful day for a beer garden yesterday so we suspended all work at the farm and did just that with Mike and Jenna, who had a big day at the law firm and was wound right up. It was fun. We then went to a new local restaurant and I had an outstanding steak, and Barry had some swordfish, which I actually tasted even though I do not eat fish. It was okay, he thought it was swell, but the whole concept kind of makes me sad. What is the matter with me? We were home by 10 pm, I finished my Celia Rivenbark book which was a hoot ("stop dressing your 6 year old like a skank", and Barry fell asleep with his biking magazine on his chest.

I needed a beer garden visit as I had finally gotten the trailer paperwork and had to run it to the DMV to get things lined out. Unlike most of the world, I do not have issues at the DMV because I know everyone who works there and they are nice to me. Small towns you know. Once I slipped on ice there, cracked my elbow open and bled all over the place and did not even realize it until someone else pointed out what looked like a slaughter trail. They fixed me and fed me grapes. It was worth it

ANYWAY, the credit union had called the DMV to confirm that they were sending what was needed, in light of the power of attorney the sellers had sent, but had of course screwed up by not actually appointing anyone as the person authorized to act for them, or putting in the trailer info. I knew things would be fine, since I have the hook up there. Instead, my name got called by some young kid there who takes himself too damn seriously and tried to tell me that he would not do the title transfer, etc, because the sellers were not there in person to appoint someone. Good Lord. I was not really in the mood for civil procedure 101 for this child, and I was losing my patience., but I behaved myself. He went off to ask his boss what to do, and thank God, he took over and we lined things out. He also told me that he giggled when he saw that the child had called my name as I am always such a pain in the ass, and this boy would not be up to the wrath of me.

That boy had to apologize to me for being a menace and not doing what I told him to do. I like that kind of treatment. I was not necessarily in for the re-hashing of the boss' marital strife, but whatever--I have my title transferred and temp plates on the trailer.

Today, we mostly did odds and ends, like go to Lowe's, to get parts to re-wire part of the fence, to TSC for cedar chips for the dog house since the current bedding has fleas (our first bout with fleas EVER), I bushhogged here at the house, Barry worked on fence at the farm , I dewormed all the babies, Barry hung a gate we have needed for a while, I went to to store AGAIN because we were for real out of toilet paper this time, and there I was trapped by the dregs of humanity.

Why does this happen to me? I just needed toilet paper and to get home to address the scratch I got on my eyeball while I was bushhogging, but the folks in front of me in line were technologically retarded and could not work the LINK machine. I was stuck in that line for 20 minutes while these fools jacked around with it to avoid laying out their own money for groceries--which they ultimately had to do anyway, which is how I saw that they had a roll of hundreds on them. That really pissed me off, REALLY PISSED ME OFF. For petes sake, if they had the cash, what was the problem with just paying for their groceries and not holding me up there all dang afternoon. People have no decency. It was only 30 bucks of groceries they were trying to get.

Meanwhile, there was pack of trashy young girls behind me---cussing and hollering, which I am not opposed to, as you should know by now, but when combined with the ignorant fools in front of me, I was getting dangerously close to exploding. If I had two sheets of TP in my house, I would have crawled over those people to escape.

The rest of my attempts to get anything done today sort of failed--with the exception of getting all the laundry washed, including the quilts and polos I need to wrap Ammo's leg. Where do these things go? I probably have two dozen of each and could only find three quilts laying around--which were foul so they had to be bleached and washed a few times. That barn is a friggin disaster I tell you.

We went to the movies tonight, to see "Burn After Reading". It was cute, typical Coen brothers stuff. Brad Pitt did a great job playing a fool.

On the way home, we stopped to work on Ammo--what an athlete that beast is. I saw some moves out of her that I did not know were possible in nature. Mission accomplished though--started on SMZs and furacin on her ouchies--after all that washing of quilts, we are going to give her another day to get the swelling down before giving in and wrapping her.

So not that much going on this weekend. I am going to take my mom with me on our Sunday ride tomorrow, and I better enjoy it since our Columbus Day weekend ride just got squashed, in favor of going the following weekend. It makes sense, but still makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

Sigh! I could share my "mundane" adventures with you and your readers too---- but mine aren't as funny as yours.

My other half and co-worker (son) are completing the "tractorport". Yeah--cause the old guy is getting kind of tired.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend

Vodka Mom said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just hearing about that day!

Lorna said...

I wish our DMV was as easy to get thru as yours! Although, when I went to get my trailer plates, it wasn't bad (line wise) and they were all in a tizzy because they only received a 2% COL raise and were required to take 4 days without pay sometime in the future. I think they were so mad at Blago - they would have signed off on anything you put in front of them!

Hope Ammo heals quickly, she may be your athlete extrordinare! err escape artist!

Sounds like you guys got a ton done around the home and farm yesterday! I love productive days!

Train Wreck said...

You need to kick your feet up! And enjoy your SUnday! Especially the one with the hole!!

BITRCountryGirl said...

Sometimes people just SUCK big time. It's good to have some mundane days every now and then right?

Paige said...

You think that was EASY at the DMV? I was so irritated as I am telling this little child that I have everything the credit union was told to send because they called and asked first, and the child is telling me he is the one they spoke to--but he was dumb as hell and they clearly were not on the same page. That is when he started taking a tone with me about how a power of attorney works. Who is the lawyer here I ask you? Not that he knew that of course, but I did, and he is 10 years old for petes sake.

It was insane.

I am not tolerant of people who are too stupid to know they are stupid.

If this is what workers are like at most DMVs, no wonder people hate that place

Deb said...

next time i have an 'episode' in Tarjay, I will see if I can summon up your story and try to regain my composure before I commit homicide by buggie.

Amanda said...

They fed you grapes?!?


meleah rebeccah said...

I am DYING to go see the movie "Burn After Reading" I love Francis Mcdormand... A Lot.

The Wife said...

I think you deserved a nice time at the beer garden after all the grief you've dealt with lately. Hope your Sunday was great!

Kathy said...

Hello, Came over by way of Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets. Been reading your posts, which were very entertaining.

Just wanted to let you know I was here and say Howdy.

Amy B. said...

I had a beer garden day on Saturday as well - at the Hometown Fair in Manhattan Beach (I love me an arts and crafts fair!) - I surely drank entirely too much b/c I did not do nearly as much as you did after the beer garden! I wished you and Barry were there though - it would have been much more fun!

J & J Acres said...

Man, waiting in line at the grocery store can really drive my nerves depending on what's going on. What's this link machine you speak of?

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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