Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will I ever learn?

I have been avoiding Wal Mart since the last episode where I got the nervous condition from the re-model, but the excitement over the new trailer has clearly gotten to me already.

I went back over lunch, with mom, shopping for needed things for the trailer. When I got there, I got so flustered that I forgot what I was there for. Story of my life.

I got some odds and ends, like a griddle for Barry to make bacon on (think there is a way to make that on the George Foreman grill he uses for everything else--so it does not stink up the trailer? George can cook outside), some pots for soup, veggies to heat, etc, some rubbermaids to store things in, a silverware tray, steak knives, and those cushy draw liners so things wont move around as much. Now that I am not there, I realize I forgot cups and such, and a broom, swiffer etc.

And I got a plasma TV--the area for the TV is not very big, in height, I mean. I had them measure the 19 and 22 inches and they were the same height, so I went with the 22 inch one. We will have to bust it out tonight to see if it fits. This will come in handy on the weekend, while we are in Kentucky, as I do not want to miss Michael Phelps on Saturday Nite Live, and will be able to pick that up on the antenna probably.

I scanned the comforters, which made me more sure I want the blue and brown one at Target, so Jenna and I are going there tomorrow nite-- it is about an hour away. We might could run in Hobby Lobby as well, and get some plastic plates, etc--they always have odds and ends you forgot you needed, like scissors etc. Crap, I also forgot trash bags

This is really a lot of fun.


Holly said...

what did you decide for dishes and silverware?

Paige said...

We got some simple flatware from Target with brown handles, so we can tell them apart from everyone else's--we need a second box though.

The plates are still subject to an ongoing search-- I want something that is hard to break. I will probably get something to get by on for a while, and keep looking

Abby said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I love this place. Horses and trailers and stuff! I try to never browse Wal-mart. I just want to get out.

Paige said...

You know you live in BFE when WalMart is your only choice. Well we have KMart but there are zombies in there and I sued the hair off them once, and I have a paranoid feeling that the zombies know

Funder said...

Do you actually SHOP at Hobby Lobby? I love the idea and, like, every two years I go there and fill up an entire cart with a bunch of stitching supplies (on sale! so cheap!) and Christmas decorations (so cheap!) and other crap I don't need. Then I go to the front of the store. One person out of the staff of 25 is very slowly checking out customers. There are 7 other people in line in front of me. One woman has a crying child. I look at my cart full of awesome crafty stuff, and I look at the line, and I sigh and walk away, defeated.

Hobby Lobby here is horrible. It's such a tease. :(

Anonymous said...

This "whole series" of adventures in those "WONDERFUL' stores-----Yuk----sounds great.

That means the results in your beautiful trailer. I can see and hear wonderful stories coming from those trips.

enjoy carol

Paige said...

Nah, I always think I should take up crafty shit, but then I get there and realize I am an idiot and cannot do this stuff anyway.

So not really on the Hobby Lobby business.

And on top of that, I meant to say Garden Ridge anyway, as they have cute cups and stuff.

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