Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Equipment malfunction

There has to be a better way to do things than the way I am doing them. My computer does not have a card reader slot for the Compact Flash card that my camera uses. That means I have to have a card reader.

They are SO sensitive. I just bought this one on the way home from Labor Day weekend--so 9 days ago. It is kaput as of right now. It has tiny pins in the reader that go into the card, and the end ones always get jacked up.

This has to be my 6th card reader since I got this camera this spring.

This really pisses me off, since I actually have decent pics on here I want to post--I want to show the party we had last nite, some baby pics, and some pics showing how my skinny minnie horses have put their weight back on--as well as some cool ones I took of Twister's workout tonight.

This really really pisses me off since I was at the dreaded WalMart once today already and you cannot make me go back this fast.

There has to be a better way


Holly said...

why don't you download them directly to the computer from the camera? That is what I do.

Paige said...

I can do that? Did some cord come with it that I do not know about? Where is it?

I will feel like the jackass of the week if that is something I missed

Holly said...

I use the usb cord to go directly from the camera to the computer. If you have the software loaded, it reads right from the camera and wah-la! there ya go

Paige said...

Well there is my problem, I have no such USB cord to plug into my camera-
wonder if I could get one?

Holly said...

any USB will do. Did you keep any of the cords from any older computers?

Paige said...

Well holy balls, lookie there

I am the biggest dumb ass in America

Anonymous said...

Is your name WALTER?

I thought it was Paige.

Not quite sure if Dumbass fits?

Hehehe carol

Ask Lorna

Paige said...

Oh for sure Dumbass fits.

You have a dumbass in your family too?

Camille said...

LOL Paige, you are a nut!

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