Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twister's last ditch effort

To get out of having to do anything else, he decided to hogtie himself to the ground with his legs in funny places, sometimes early Monday morning.

Jodi found him with the lead rope tied tight around his hind fetlock, swelling him right up. Thank goodness she found it when she did, then hosed him to get the swelling down and we doctored the nekkid areas. He is doing well now--and why not, he wanted a few days off and what better way to get it than try to kill himself?

The abraded area wraps around the back of his leg, and there is a notch out of his right leg as well.

I have news for him, some form of "game on part 3" starts tomorrow, no matter how many legs he has back--he is sound on it, so he may get the hotwalker, and you know how he loves that!~


Holly said...

that had the potential to be ugly didn't it? Glad he is ok. I think I will never cease to be amazed at how horses can injure themselves and still get all healed up.

Paige said...

It sure could have been--I cannot begin to imagine the number of times this horse has been on a picket line. I wonder if senility is setting in on him?!

I bet it stings like a mother today, as it was close to 10o degrees and he was drenched in sweat.

That'll teach him

Lorna said...

Glad he didn't do anything worse! He just doesn't want to have to use that hotwalker - LOL!

Are you still doing his stretches and exercises? When does Troy see him again?

Camille said...

What a butthead.

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