Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The horses we took

Target's first laydown on a picket line. I have a thousand more pics of him so he will get his own post.
Twister. A new angle, his post-ride shower. I figure you have seen enough of him lately, I could skimp a little
This is Dirty and Logan. Dirty is 20, and Logan the bay, is 8. Note, Headley, you have made the blog again and I am not done with you yet.
This is Tumbleweed, or Weed, or quite often Dickweed. He belongs to Linda and Randy. This photo was taken the day before Weed and Amy had a run in with a big log that ended up with her knocked off and wacked by a hind foot. Bad Weed. She is okay but I imagine she is barely moving by now, once the soreness really set in. Non-fat people do not bounce like the rest of us
This is Ginger, the old kicking pony--she likes to jump stuff, and she looks like big Fonzie. She is a really nice pony, even with the kicking.
This is Spud, Adrianna's horse who is a mix of three things--she lent him to Diane, who is running the campground for her. He is a self-exercising feller who goes round and round where he is tied
Chinkapin, Adrianna's big money earning race horse she is going to make into a jumper, and jack of all trades. This is a nice nice horse who will also get his own post.
Fred, Jodi's gelding who was a very good boy who discovered a love for living on a picket line. He might even get one for himself to take to barrel races--which is his real job.
Radar---is he cute or what? I do not know how I stand it, I am telling you, he is so pretty.


Lorna said...

Great pictures of the camping trailriding lineup! And, yes, as ALWAYS, radar looks so handsome... although, I will admit, Target curled up like a lamb, was awfully cute!

Camille said...

Man, that Chikapin horse is gorgeous. I want him :)

Paige said...

You have no idea Camille--this horse is the shit and he is not even my kind of horse!

He is 12, I think, and had 52 or 57 starts, winning 31 times. He has won $668,000.
He has only been off the track for one year, and this was her first trail ride on him.

I have a bunch of pics of him to post toinght, he was a great subject as he has such amazing presence

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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