Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I got a prize

I got this prize from

I never got a prize like this before.

Is that sweet or what?

Now I am supposed to link to some other blogs that are swell, so I am going to follow her lead and do some new ones that I just started reading. Probably I am screwing up somehow as I do not really know the protocol for this award business, but give a sister a break, I have problems

So here are some new ones I am reading, that I really enjoy

I am supposed to leave a comment for these people saying I did this, but I do not even comment on the last two, I do not think, I just read and laugh my fool head off, so that is kind of pointless. They do not even know I exist.

I enjoy them all the same though, and it is lists like these that have helped me find other fun blogs to read, so here they are!


Jamie said...

Thanks for the award Paige. Oh and thanks for the advice too.

Shell said...

I'm lovin' the ABB blog. It will provide much reading pleasure fo sho.

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

Thank you for the award!!

Paige said...

ABB is dead on in many of her posts, huh? I look forward to reading her every day

Bekah said...

Aw thanks!!!

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