Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twister's appointment with Troy Brandenburg

Twist had his appointment today with Troy, to have another treatment and to gauge his progress. I was all ready to take pics of every step, especially the stretching exercises, so that when I wonder if I am doing them right, I will have something to refer to.

I took a couple of shots first to check my lighting, and got ready.

Good thing, as that was the whole show. Troy was so pleased with Twister's progress, he did not think he needed a darn thing! Twister's withers are filling in so well, that Troy could see from a distance where he was working on another horse that he looked good and he said so. I had hoped he would see a difference, but it is hard for me to see subtle changes in him when I look at him every day. Turns out there are a lot of changes and all for the good.

It never occurred to me that one treatment would line him out this well--I am absolutely floored by this. Troy showed Barry the same things he had shown me, stretched him a little, evaluated his sore spots, and found them healed!

He sent us packing with no treatment at all. I never expected this. It has been a month or so, since the first traumatic treatment, and things should be much improved. Even so, considering that Twister had to take a week off due to his rope burn, and was ridden 2-4 times a week the rest of the time, it is really amazing that he is doing so well already.

I will definitely keep the work up on him. And after seeing the difference it has made in him, I will not hesitate to take the next one that seems out of whack to see Troy--when it is this easy to make this kind of difference, it seems crazy not to do this for them.

All in all, the absolute best case scenario we could have gotten.


the sits girls said...

Twister is one handsome horse! We're glad he's doing so well.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh man, how far is this guy from South Dakota? He is the chiro I have been looking for.
I found out my old chiro was in Texas. If I can find out where, I would even contemplate hauling horses down there for him to work on. Really!! It is that hard to find one that knows what the heck they are doing. Lucky you!

Paige said...

He lives in Oklahoma City area now, but he travels all over the country doing this. If you get a pack of horses together, he will come. This week, he is in Reno, Las Vegas, and Arizona--after he leaves our area today. Kansas next week, I think

This is his website

He works on a lot of barrel horses, some very high level ones, and after experiencing it for Twister, I can see why. The difference is incredible, it really is.

He uses several different modalities, depending on what the horse needs. And it really matters to him that your horse gets better--he really cares about it.

He is wonderful.

If you track him down, tell him I sent you, it may buy me some good will down the road--God knows I need all of that I can get.

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