Saturday, September 20, 2008

Babysitting Day

Tonite was the first time we got to babysit Gabi. She was so easy, which might be because I just took pictures and Barry did the playing. The first thing she wanted to do was play with dogs.
This was the big introduction between her and Tequila
Tequila kissed her and Gabi cackled like a fruit cake. The more wound up Tequila got, the harder Gabi laughed
She also likes having her picture taken too, and got distracted when she heard the camera shutter.
The ground is sort of uneven out there, and I was sure we would break her if we did not hang on to her the whole time.
She is not scared of anything.
As soon as Sly heard us in the yard, he came running--and she started neighing. So off we went into the pasture so she could play with him---she was so excited, neighing and neighing, and he was smelling her all over. She kept making the sign for dog--I am not sure if she has a sign for horse, but she sure knows what they are. Her dog sign is what she is doing in the picture.
Then the neighbor's dog showed up and made her giggle---Sly felt left out, so he stuck his snoot in it. She pets kind of hard--bang bang bang--but he does not care as long as he is getting attention of some sort. She is kind of the same way, come to think of it.
When she got done playing, and riding bikes in the garage, she came in to eat. She was only going to be here about 4 hours, and I swear, she had 4 meals arranged. She eats like the rest of us. Cheezits were not on the menu, but Barry was eating them, so she had to have some too. She would clap and say "Mo!". That means more.
She had several concerts for us. I do not think the making of music is her thing.
She likes a hat, but this one she was not such a fan of. She threw it in the floor.
This was time to get her jammies on for bedtime---
This is resting time before bedtime--she had to have her milk and her dog or bear or whatever that thing is, and even when we picked her up to go to bed, she held tight to them both. She has a thing called Taggy that she has to sleep with , and I swear to you it is a big ass washcloth with tags sticking off of it. I do not get it, but it is very important. It also stinks. I really do not get the charm of Taggy.

It was a lot of fun. She likes Barry the most, but that is to be expected. She can say my name now--well kinds--she says "PuhGEE". But I know what she means.


Holly said...

even when she is not grinning ear to ear she still smiles.

Sounds like you and she had fun.

Country Girl said...

She is adorable!!

Um, and so is Barry . . .

Anonymous said...


Treasure those moments.

Enjoy-----Ree alias Carol
(Grandma's name )

Lorna said...

Oh goodness, she is just so dang cute! And BS looks like he is in all his glory! Was he as tired after entertaining her and she was from playing with him?

What a great picture journal of your day with her!

Amanda said...

Can one child cram anything else into a day? Not even a day... a few hours.

Thanks for taking care of her. She had a blast!!! There is no place dreamier than being at your farm for silliness.


*Sarah* said...

ahhhh she is so cute!!!! I love the pictures with her and Barry, she looks SO small with him.

Rhea said...

Sly is one big dog. hehe Love it.

Gabi is adorable! Love all the pictures. She's so tiny and cute. And loves animals!

the cubicle's backporch said...

That little girl is too cute!! I love the one where she's on the ground petting the horse. Too cute!!!

Camille said...

cutest kid ever I think. Looks like Sly and Tequila approve!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! She's never going to want to go anywhere but your house.
I can't say I blame her. I love the picture where she's walking beside Barry. Does she know how little she is?
Yeah, she is a chow hound.
Love you too much,

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