Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slybabies are growing up

This is Squirrel, a two-year old Slybaby. I finally got a chance to see her in her new home, where she is thriving. I don't know if she remembered us, but then again, I did not ask her if she did either.

She is in such good shape, looks beautiful, and is such an athlete. Watching the way she moves is a lot of fun.

All little girls have their moments, don't they?
Hop hop hop
oops--almost took out the camera man
Back to normal again.
I could have watched her all day.
But eventually someone has to get on her. This was her fifth ride.

The Squirrel has met her match in Bailey--she is doing a beautiful job with her. I know they will do great things.


jen @ J&J Acres said...

What a beautiful horse! I love the first picture, it looks like Squirrel is cheesin' for the camera!

Heidi said...

She is gorgeous! Is she sweet too? Thanks for stopping over to the farm.. :) Please come back again@@

Paige said...

Well she was not so sweet yesterday, but yes normally she is. I have not been around her since she was weaned, so for two years.

Barry is riding her brother Target, who is 3, and you could not ask for a better-natured horse. He could be someone's best friend--now to find a buyer for him!

We also have the weanling sister that looks just like the Squirrel for sale--spread the word!

Camille said...

She has such a pretty face. Of course, they all do....

Jodi said...

She is very sweet. She is also VERY smart, and quite the athlete. And apparently she like to show off for a crowd. She fits right in with the rest of our crew. LOL

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