Monday, September 1, 2008

Traditions--the cast of characters

Almost every long weekend, we go horse camping-we have gone for years, and while the cast of characters has morphed a little, there are still many of the same people we started with. Some dropped out, some have been added--you never know if it will be 4 people or 24. So much goes on during these weekends, from the funny things that happen in the woods, to the good eating, it will take a lot of posts to cover it.

Obviously, this is Barry. He almost always goes--he rides a couple of days, and takes a day off for some biking event.

This is Rita, do not ask me why this photo is so crappy--clearly my powershot camera needs to be worked on. She usually meets us one day of our trip.
This is Amy, she is Linda's friend from Chicago.
This is Jodi, my friend, but now I have to share her since she has come on so many of these trips now she counts as her own self.

This is Randy, or Head, he is the boss man in charge of all of us. We let him boss us around and he takes care of us--it is a good trade for me, but I bet he would argue about it!

This is Linda, the boss of Headley. So really she is in charge of all of us.This is Emmy, one of the kids that usually rides with us. She is not much of a kid anymore though

This is Jess, the other kid that hangs around.This is their mother, Adrianna---who not only rides with us all the time but has bought the campground we occasionally ride at. So I guess we ride at it a alot now!


Holly said...

it is good to finally see the Linda and Head.....they do not look like I thought they would. Kids on a ride would be a lot of fun! But no photos of you Paige.....hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

It's great to put a name to a face. What a great time for all of you.

Kids, cats, dogs and throw in people for good measure- - - - and food.

Enjoy Carol

Lorna said...

What a cool group of misfits - err riders err friends!

Sounds like your group has morphed into a great bunch to hang out with!

Jodi said...

Is that the best picture you have of me from the weekend. Good gracious, I am so fucking photogenic aren't I. Gross.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Good to put the names and faces together.

hooves said...

I feel the same as Jodi. I look my age in that picture and that isn't good. I have great pictures of Paige when her horse laid down in the lake, but she threatened me with something horrible if I post them. She forgot to put pictures of our horses.hooves

Paige said...

I am working on it sister! These things take time.

2 of the lake pics are going up---the ones with the least gut

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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