Monday, September 1, 2008

The crew

Oh who am I kidding? The dogs get the most attention of anyone. Slater thinks all these people are there to see him.

This time, there were some new players. We had a batch of little dogs on this trip---this is Nibbles, Linda's new dog. I call him Popeye, cuz, well--he only has one eye. He kind of looks like a muppet. Linda needs to save things, so she adopted this dog as a retirement gift to herself. He was a good pic, as he is very happy and muppet-like, which is just kind of funny. He also talks to himself some.

This is Bunny--short for something else. He belongs to Amy, she brought him back from Ireland. Unless I just made all that up, but I think so. He is the only Jack Russell that I have ever been around that did not make me want to take a Xanax. Head calls him Jack, because he just refuses to call dogs by their right names. I do not know if that is on purpose, but it works out that wayThis is Bopper, or Whopper or just Chihuahua. He is also Amy's. Head calls him Jose. I think he is a hoot because he is a very fat chihuahua, so he looks like a bullet head. Or a cat, when he is running fast in the nite. It kind of freaks me out, but he is actually pretty good dog

Look how organized Amy is, if I tried to walk three dogs at once, I would hang myself up for real.
This was post our swim in the lake at the campground...which leads to some other stories that I will get to


Holly said...

and Lord Slater to rule them all.....

they all look like great dogs and I bet they have the life for crying out loud. How many dogs get to go on a horse camping trip/trail ride?

Anonymous said...

I add to Holly's comment.

Lord Slater and his court. Which one would be the Court Jester?

No one would believe my telling of all your "tales or is it tails"?

Enjoy Carol

*Sarah* said...

Haha I love that picture of Slater.

hooves said...

Since you are in the mincemeat society I know you should pay attention, but possibly your hearing is going. Bunny is named after Bunny? something in Ireland and is called Bunny for short.hooves

Paige said...

yeah yeah smart ass.

could be I drink too much, too.

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