Monday, September 1, 2008

The food

Here is something that I do not understand. Much of these weekends revolve around food, yet there are not that many photos of food. Head is the cook, and we always have 4 times the amount of food we need.

Head was very proud of his chicken. He made me get up to take a picture of it. This was Saturday nite, and we also had corn on the cob, potatotes, some salad that was taco-ish that Jodi made, and God knows what else. It was tasty and good--so good that we all were ready for bed before 10:00. We sure do not eat that well at home.
Sunday nite was Steaks, and bratwurst, and the perpetual asparagus, and potato salad, and baked beans, some broccoli salad, and hash browns. There is so much food, you do not even get around to having some of it all. For dessert, we had the cherry delight that Rita brought and we ate rice krispy treats that Jodi made. I love me some rice krispy treats.

If it were not for Linda though we would all be gnawing on this food, holding it in our hands, as we (meaning me) either have 47 spoons and nothing else to work with, or I have nothing at all. I guess I am too worried about getting the right hot dog relish packed. That is serious business to me, the relish deal.

I like the meals at camping because we all eat together, and everybody brings stuff, but Head cooks it all---as you may or may not know, if I cooked it, they would either die or starve to death. The eating also takes a really long time, and lasts into the night--then we sit around insulting each other and fighting over who should get up to get the next drink, and tripping over dogs who laid down in the dark.

It might be my favorite part of the trip


Holly said...

Oh wow, you made me laugh with that post! Food fight! Was all I could think of!

Paige said...

There is usually some of that though---this time, mostly Head and Jesse throwing grapes at each other, and him throwing empty diet coke bottles at me.

We are childish

Camille said...

Gah, I am going to come eat with you guys. That made me hungry!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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