Monday, September 29, 2008

The Three Stooges

or My Three Sons....or some other show with Three in it. That is what I thought of when I got to the farm after work, in a hurry to get things done before the skies opened up and we got pelted.

This was the scene I was greeted with at the first pasture. Radar is sneaking in under Target to see when the dinner was coming.

And Boogie, a day late and a dollar short--he picked an open end of the gate to stand at to have his own space, but of course it was the wrong end that did not open. He is always getting beat out of the good stuff, the poor fool. He is such a sweet horse though, he would be the main stooge, I think.

He should head to Jackie's this week.

Otherwise, we did some work on Reno, and did his photos for registration. Here is something that concerns me--I dropped my big lens out of the truck--or rather it rolled out of my purse and went splat at a gas station. These shots were taken with the short lens, but the ones of Reno were taken with the long lens and they are not so great. I am REALLY worried that it is damaged. It is hard to say as the shots were taken in very overcast skies, at a totally different angle with a different background than I ever use, so I cannot really even compare the shots to other ones to see if the quality is suffering. Cross your fingers that I have not really screwed it up, or I will have to take to my bed.


Holly said...

the only way to know is to use that lens repeatedly and see if it still will focus

Chris said...

Here's hoping the lens isn't damaged!

Anonymous said...

How about "Three's Company"?

Paige said...

I knew there was another one in there somewhere--that is it.

Now would Radar or Target be Jack? Or Chrissy--which was more of a sexpot? Boogie would DEFINITELY be Janet.

Radar is awful pretty, almost girly, so he might be Chrissy Snow.

I took some shots on the way to work this morning, with the potentially damaged lens, and from my display, i THINK it is okay.

I will try an dfit in more but I have 42-11 appointments today, so who knows if I will be home before dark to take any

And it is WEANING DAY!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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