Monday, September 29, 2008

Odd explosion

Look at that weird explosion in Target's hoof, near the top there. It is above the bruise line that he got several weeks ago--his feet grow like mad and they got out of control so that the spread caused him to bruise.

But besides that, it looks like an abcess hole, but something is different about it. And I have never seen such a thing blow in the middle of the hoof like that.

Has anyone else? He is perfectly sound.


BITR Country Girl said...

That can't be comfortable for him?

Jodi said...

I have never seen one come out at that spot - could he have just gouged it on something?

What do I know, though. The shoer left me a note yesterday telling me that there were maggots in Fred's frog. He has been out in the pasture for over a week and it has been dry. And no, I do not pick out feet when they are just running in pasture all week. I think the maggots were a good thing though, because his frog looks good where they were, which was a gouge he had in his frog from God knows what.

Paige said...

Maggots? that is nasty and one of the few things I cannot handle

I guess it could be a gouge, but it defeintely looks like it is coming from inside--kind of like how the pigs skin is splitting open.

Weird huh?

MicBel QH said...

we've seen these before, some people have told me it's a small pebble working through, but I do not know what causes it. I've never had one lame from it.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Looks like a rock abscess that blew out. I have seen this on several horses. Not to worry though-it will just grow out. If you leave him shod it shouldn't even chip out. Usually when we get one on a horse, it will chip off when it gets close to the ground. How do they get them? Not necessarily from a rock, but maybe a grass seed or a tiny stick punctured him right at the hairline and it creates a weak spot in the hoof wall. As it grows out the pressure created eventually causes it to blow out the hoof wall, which is much better than an internal abscess that could create lameness issues.

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