Monday, September 29, 2008

Now I am pissed

Am I overreacting to this? I think not, but perhaps I am.

When we bought this horse trailer last month, we scrambled to get the paperwork in order to go get it at a time that suited everyone.

The plan was to carry a check for the amount over what was owed on it to hand to the sellers, and our credit union overnighted the balance to their bank where the title was. They were to sign the title as we were in route, and if there was a problem and we did not take the trailer, no harm no foul- we would stop payment on the overnited check from the credit union and bring the other check home with us.

There was no problem, other than that the sellers did not make it to their bank (at some distance away) to sign the title. The wife was planning to go the next day, on her day off, and we reiterated that it must be done immediately. Note: She works for a major trailer dealer, so more than understands how these things have to be done. Husband would have no problem doing it ASAP, as his job is a little more flexible than hers.

They were super nice people, so I did not anticipate a problem, and knew that since I had the trailer, what could be the problem?

Wondering where the title was, so I could put license plates on this thing, I learned that their bank was holding the check from our credit union for two weeks to make sure it was good, and then would send the title to my credit union.

Fast forward to today: the title arrived at the credit union. UNSIGNED by the sellers.

What does this mean for me? That I have a trailer that I do not have good title to. The sellers have almost 40K of my money.

The credit union is demanding that they come down here immediately and sign this title, as they should have in all the time they had to do it. Now what are the chances that they would do such a thing if they would not go to their own damn bank to do it. Understandably, the credit union will not send the title to them to have it signed as they clearly cannot be trusted--then they would have my money, and title to the trailer, and no leverage to get it back from them. Hell, they would be in better shape than they had been WITH the trailer in their driveway.

I, being me and slightly neurotic, have emailed them all along asking them to confirm that they had signed the title and have never received a response. Barry is calling them as I type this, and I am sure they will be very nice about it.

However, NICE does not get my trailer titled.

So am I overreacting that the top of my head is about to blow off?


BITR Country Girl said...

No, I'd be pissed too. They've been jerking you around and the least they could do is make the deal right!

The Wife said...

You have every right to be pissed. I would be furious. They had all that time to go by and sign it and didn't. They need to get there little tushes up there pronto!

theCloth said...

Yeah, I'd be upset also.Keep that canceled check just in case they're really trying to rip you off. Say, they claim you stole the trailer.

Holly said...

oh cripes. I sure hope this is not going to be a problem. How long will you give them to get this right? I'd probably give them 48 hours. No more since it should have been done as soon as they had the check.

Paige said...

Well I am still pissed despite finally getting contact from these people. Who stopped answering their telephone earlier this evening.

We shall see what gets done about this, but Cloth you are dead on about my concerns.

Of course, these people do not have the first clue who they are dealing with, but my connections admittedly do peter out at the state line---this concerns me

Anonymous said...

Oh My! ya just can't trust anyone anymore---no matter how nice they seem, or how they look, or or or

keep us posted

Enjoy the cool weather Carol

J & J Acres said...

Wow. That's shady of them. I don't see how you send a title and NOT sign it. How can you not remember if you signed the title or not? I'd be pissed if I were you.

I'm sure your bank will take action against them if they don't hear something back. And I would be callin' where the woman works to get her attention.

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