Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How come this?

Isnt this odd--Slater wearing a mask. I do not know why. I just know it was in my email today

Today is jacked up. Totally jacked up starting with oversleeping, then getting a phone call from a guy we bought the farm from who needs a copy of the deed taken to the USDA RIGHT NOW. I hardly carry a deed in my pocket at all times, so I got a copy at the recorders office and took it to the USDA over lunch. They need me to sign papers that are not ready despite my having made arrangements via phone already. That is too bad for everyone else, as this deal has nothing to do with me, and I have already been inconvenienced. Life is hard and I am sure they think I am a bitch. Now I have to go back tomorrow

Then I went to Arby's with my mom. I should have put the Arby's roast beef sammich on my list of things I love, because I do love me an Arby's roast beef. We went through about 300 pics from the last 80 years to get ready for Gran Gran's 90th bday party in a couple of weeks. Pretty funny stuff, and it amazes me how I did not know how much some people in this family look alike--I mean in addition to the red hair and freckles. I kept some pics to scan at Walgreens and put on here

THEN, I went to the pool store to get chemicals to close the pool. They do not have Shock. Which of course you are supposed to put in first. Story of my life. It still cost 86 bucks for the other stuff. And I will have to go back there again, maybe tomorrow.

Back to work where SURPRISE SURPRISE, no email confirming that the power of attorney has been handled and the trailer stuff is dealt with. Why did I think there would be? Cuz there was an email that said it would be addressed and shortly thereafter confirmed with us TODAY. BS has not received a phone call either.

Meanwhile, I am trying to work through all of this. And I have a hair cut at 5, which means I will have to come back to work afterwards and do stuff I should have been doing all day. But Guess WHAT? Haircut is not at 5, but at 4. That means I cannot also go get my license plate sticker which expires today.

And we have a staff meeting in the am, well before I am usually here, so I cannot do it then. Oh well, the DMV people would not know what to do if I did things on time--and of course, I was hoping to do the trailer/car thing all in one trip so I do not have to hang out there more than necessary--but of course it cannot be that easy for me. No sirree bob, it cannot be.

AND, it ain't over yet--after work, should I ever get to leave here, I am weaning the last four babies. I have had it. It is time. I am anxious about Squeak. But we are doing it. God willing, that is.

AND, Barry is to leave tomorrow for the rest of the week, so there will be much laundering tonight--and he hurt his back last nite, so he will be flat useless, for sure.

I want a nap. And someone else to take the movies back to Blockbuster even if I have not watched them...and to sign me up for Net Flix. And also I need someone to buy cheese as I needed a grilled cheese sammich last nite--another thing that should be on my things I love list--and had not the proepr cheese. 15 pounds of other cheese, but not the grilled cheese cheese. And I told BS I would make him cupcakes, but really that is cuz I want cupcakes. What a weird craving for me.

This is just too much. I made it only 20 minutes of the hour I swore I would be reading before I broke to do this.


Bekah said...

ugh those days suck!

At this point im always tempted to break out singing "tomorrow" from annie...but i dont think that will help in a blog comment.

Hope it improves!!!

Holly said...

whew. I am exhausted now, reading this.

I am off today, you should have told me you needed help, I'd have gotten on my broomstick and flown out to help!

The Witch of the East

The Wife said...

Holy moly! I couldn't even catch my breath reading your to do list. Can't imagine trying to get it done!

Mrs Parks said...

I f'n hate those days.

I haven't had one in awhile considering I really have no life, but I remember those days.

Nothing a cupcake and grilled cheese won't fix.

Shell said...

Paige, you need a personal assistant. I am serious!

*Sarah* said...

holy crap woman

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