Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That was fast

This post is for Barry, who is not here to see the big goings on at Chez Redneck.

When I left for work this morning, the driveway dude was there measuring and mentioned that he was confirming the size of the culvert that was currently under our driveway--to make sure that they ordered the right thing to add on to it. Only the entry needs to be widened--the driveway itself is wide enough, but the angle to get in it was just not sufficient. The plan was to add on five feet to either side, so we could then get that big ol trailer in it without driving through a ditch that is at least four feet deep and knocking parts off of it (which by the way, already happened).

He did a lot of laughing while he was there. I am used to this sort of reaction to me. I assume that Barry told them when he called to ask for help what our problem was, which might explain why he was laughing at me. Then again, some people just laugh at me the whole time they are dealing with me--I think they feel sorry for what happens to me all the time--like buying a trailer we damn near had to leave in the road for the rest of its life.

Needless to say, I was shocked when I got home and the driveway was DONE! Done, I say. You can see the new part to the entrance, because it is darker than the middle. It is still wet a little.
I was not sure that there was room for five more feet on the south side, because there is a pretty steep grade to it, but they just shaved it down, so it is no problem at all. We mostly turn right out of the drive and come from that direction and there is a huge difference there--yet the angle they added on does not put me in any danger of smacking the fence.

Heck, I maybe able to drive this thing in and out now! Thanks Richard and Joel, I LOVE IT! You have saved much marital discord in that we will not fight every time we try to get the trailer off the property, and many dollars will be saved from fixing things. THANKS!


Lorna said...

congrats! Good thing you had it done so quickly so no paige or BS-asters happen to that nice, new, gem of a trailer!

Paige said...

well.......too late

Anonymous said...

Ain't it wunnderful when somebody DOES sumpkin rite for a change.

And down here.

Hooray! But bewaure-----Asters can still happen

Enjoy the day Carol

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