Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tequila has a hitch in her getalong

This does not show how dramatic her limp really is, because she never gets up to full speed, but it gives you an idea of what a mess she is.

Thank God this does not hurt--so it is all right to laugh at her. I do think it irritates her, though. When she is going really fast, she gives out pretty obviously, but she keeps going. She is sleeping on the couch right now, snoring away, and you cannot tell there is a problem at all. Ha, I crack myself up.

And for Pete's sake, pretend you cannot see the boat behind her--it is an illusion, the rough condition it is in


hooves said...

I woke up very early sometime this morning and remembered the time my goat named Benjamin Franklin broke his shoulder. I know you said it couldn't be that,but you also mentioned that she wouldn't let it be x-rayed. Benjamin came up totally lame on a front leg and we thought it could be a nerve. Took him to the local small animal vet who actually put a splint on his leg thinking it was broken. No x-rays of course back then. It didn't get better, so we drove him to our large animal vet. He felt his shoulder area and pointed out that you could feel a crack in his shoulder blade. He said to take the splint off and let him go. It did eventually heal of course. Just got to thinking that perhaps it could be that and the vet just couldn't see it. hooves

Jamie said...

Poor Tequila! I know you probably posted this already but what happend?

Paige said...

Benjamin Franklin? Now just how did that happen?

It would please me to no end if she had something like that as I know it would heal. The steroids are getting to her already, she had her first accident in the house over nite--which of course I did not see til I stepped in aphuge puddle of pee.

Her middle toe sticks up funny too--poor girl

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