Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Name this baby--a deadline

It is time to get these babies registered. Echo's are due this weekend, but I am too embarrassed at how bad her current pics are to show them to anyone I do not have to. Shiloh got her first leading lesson tonite after work, and she did so beautifully, we were able to get some good pics of her.
Now I just need to get her named. We call her Shiloh but that does not have to be part of the registered name. Her sire is Slydun Haida, by Haidas Sugar Doc and out of Double Play Sandy by High Brow Hickory. Shiloh's dam is High Brow Gypsy (High Brow Hickory x Cardanita x Peponita).

I like cute names and it does not have to represent her pedigree--that just seems to happen around here. Bring on the ideas!
I just love this one, she has been so easy to do everything to--like her leading lesson tonight. Once I got her out of her stall, there were few if any problems, and by the end of her photo session, she acted like she had been doing it all her life.
She is a sweet baby, too, and very personable. I think she is my favorite of this year's foal crop.


hooves said...

Slydun Gypsy- Do you have that one yet? hooves

Jamie said...

Sugar Baby (cause there doesn't seem to be any "spice" so far right)

Glamour Girl (She is a really beautiful animal, Paige.)

Sly Lil Gypsy

kdwhorses said...

Paige thanks for stopping by! I will have to think of some names and get back to ya! I'm bad at naming too!
Loved your pics!
I let Pedro out yesterday afternoon with the horses for a couple of hours and he never bothered them.

jen @ J&J Acres said...

I love reading about women role models who do good for their communities.

Thanks for posting about her!

J & J Acres said...

Oh shoot! I think I left a comment meant for another blog on your blog! Oops.

I think Shiloh is adorable. I love babies.

How about Sly Gypsy Shiloh?

Seeing your horses makes me want a horse! I must be patient!!

Bekah said...

wow i have nothing! ive always loved the names of horses, so lofty!

but really...i have no idea, left up to me it would be something like..i dont know...sienna. Which doesnt cut it in the horse world so it seems.

Lori said...

This one is my favorite this year! Lori's Little Princess? :D

(BTW I would NEVER name an animal something like that, that's awful.)

I do like Slydun Gypsy though!

MicBel QH said...

Shylo Haidun
Shylo Play N High
Shylo High

Paige said...

I like Sugar Baby, I am saving that for next year Jamie--that is a cute one

MicBel QH said...

Slydun High

Mrs Parks said...

Pretty babies, great pictures!

How about MiMi?

Easy to say.


Camille said...

Sly Shiloh...

BITR Country Girl said...

What did you come up with for a name for her?

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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