Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scenes from the Shawnee part XVI

I am so disgusted with most of the pics taken on this trip---almost none of the ones on the trail came out, so instead of fretting about it, I am posting what I have and not thinking about it anymore.

This is Cedar Lake Campground.

It is easy to get to as a highway runs by it, but that is the last you see of civilization once you get settled.

I am always taking pictures of horses in water, I have no idea why. This was Saturday's ride.

This pic sucks, but the rest of them taken in this cave where we had a cocktail break were too blurry to be useful. Plus, Targ looks so cute cuddling up with Barry--and he looks pretty content loving on his pony, doesn't he? Take note of Barry's new mecate that makes him think he is a cowboy.
More Headley--he does not get enough blog time. Even if it is the back of him, it still counts
Break time on Sunday
Big honking rock.
These are the kinds of rocks that move, that I was talking about. When they are under water that is probably cloudy by the time you get your turn to cross, and they move--many horses take a little hop, skip and jump. Target did not, remarkably, I was so proud
Random bluff---they are everywhere in the Shawnee
I think I post almost the same damn pic every time, but this arch seems so strange to me. It is big enough Barry can stand in it--I know I posted a pic like that from some other ride some time.

We are so lucky to have this practically at our doorsteps, and to now have a new home away from home at Adrianna's campground makes it even better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour, plus no bugs, falling in the creek or a horsey ---not knowing Horse Student cannot ride anymore.

That arch rock reminds me of Rainbow Arch down at Lake Powell, Ariz- - - -I think- - - -

Ariz has nothing on Illinois

Beautiful forest.

Enjoy enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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