Thursday, September 4, 2008

Observational powers of the male gender

They never fail to amaze me.

I just asked Barry how Twister's leg was healing, as he has fed every nite and seen him, while I have not so much.

First he looked at me, like he had no idea what I was talking about. And you know what, I do not doubt for a second that he really did not.

So I reminded him.

He continued to look at me like he was confused, so I reminded him of Twist's ouchies. I can understand him not noticing his scrape, but surely he would have noticed if he was off as he came into dinner, where his circulation had been cut off.

I give him too much credit.

His answer: "Well, he was not crawling."


Men do not notice things like we do. Jodi's husband did not notice that she recently pierced her ears again. Barry would not notice that for sure.

What ridiculous things do your men not notice?


*Sarah* said...

I cannot think of anything in particular because it's almost 2 am HOWEVER I do agree with you definitely.

Anonymous said...

My guy does not NOTICE ANYTHING till "something happens"

One-track mind kind of individual.

Hm!!!! Carol

Funder said...

It took my husband six months to notice I had bought a new horse.

I board, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds - but still! He never reads my blog cause it's all about horses, and he apparently only checks my flickr account every six months or so. Cause I'd been taking pictures of her and blogging about her since the day I got her.

Paige said...

Funder I have heard those stories and always wanted to meet someone who has actually pulled that off.

We have our horses at home, and I bet I could sneak in some and him not notice. God knows he does not notice when one is missing.


I think it is funny that he said Twist was not crawling. I have never seen a horse crawl. Where did that come from?

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